AFRICA has been one of my favorite places to explore for many years. Truthfully, it’s all good! Without question Africa remains the hunter’s paradise, not the same as it was a century ago (or even thirty years ago when I started!)—but still amazing, and still one of the greatest bargains in the hunting world. What I love about it most is the variety. You never know what you might see on a hunting day in Africa, and while wildlife varies in both density and species from one area to the next, almost any area in Africa holds a greater species diversity than any place else in the world.

I love it all, but there are many African species that I don’t really care if I ever hunt again…and some that I never tire of. Warthog, for instance, are plentiful and widespread…but they’re so ugly that they’re downright COOOOL! And the teeth! A big warthog is an amazing creature. Among the “big stuff” I never tire of hunting buffalo. Tracking, getting into the big herds, trying to sort out a nice bull—always with that added spice of danger! And of course the spiral horns, all of them. It’s unlikely that I’ll ever hunt the great prizes again—bongo, Derby eland, mountain nyala—but I’m always looking for a big greater kudu, love to track eland, and one of my personal favorites is the bushbuck, smallest of all and very much like Africa’s whitetail.

The most misunderstood aspect of Africa is how big it is, the second-largest continent and MUCH bigger than North America. Every area is different and no one will see it all, but there are more African countries open to hunting today than ever before. No two are alike in hunting conditions and traditions as well as game. Namibia and South Africa offer the standard “starting place” for most of us—but from there Africa is a very big world.  Mozambique and Zimbabwe are certainly among my favorites (because they have buffalo!). I think I’ve hunted sixteen African countries. Some, like Kenya and Chad, probably won’t be open to hunting again. Others, like C.A.R., Ethiopia, and Tanzania are awesome, but more expensive than I can really afford. But new opportunities continue to pop up. In recent years I’ve hunted Ghana and Liberia, both interesting and specialized opportunities…and in 2014 I’m going to Burkina Faso, a “new” destination for me. I look forward to telling you about it!