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Full Episodes

Hunter, adventurer, and outdoor journalist Craig Boddington will take you with him to favorite destinations as well as new horizons, sharing his knowledge, experience, and lessons learned along the way.  From Rocky Mountain goat hunts in British Columbia to quests for onyx in Namibia and swamp buffalo in Mozambique, Craig shares his outdoor world with family and audience memebers - one trophy hunting experience at a time!

GTS Productions | John X Safaris | Cable's Safari 2017

During the latter part of July, right towards the very end of the rut in the East Cape, we welcomed Cable Smith to John X Safaris and Africa for the very first time.

Having met Cable via our great friends, Glynn Underwood and Steve Travis, at the Dallas Safari Club convention during 2015, we soon got talking about the Dark Continent. Cable had heard so much about the destination and his friends were adamant he had to get to Africa.

Soon plans were put in motion and before we knew it Cable had touched down in Africa, joining PH, Carl van Zyl and team, on safari in the East Cape.

Colonel Boddington & Dr Ian Player Interview

Dr. Ian Player was born in 1927 in South Africa and passed away just after this interview with Ret. Col Craig Boddington in November of 2014.  This is the last known interview with Dr. Player.  Dr. Player was the founder of the Wilderness Foundation and dedicated his life to conservation in Africa and specifically the white rhino.  If you would like to learn more about Dr. Player there are several great resources specifically at the Wilderness Foundation here:

Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitters

Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitters gets you in 40 seconds what it took Colonel Boddington 40 years of world travel to learn. We share in an easy to navigate format the outfitters Craig recommends to his friends. His motto is: "Helping the Good Guys Win."

Sawgrass and Swamps

Trudge, crawl and sneak through the sawgrass and swamps of the Zambeze Delta Mozambique.  Hunting with Zambeze Delta Safaris, Craig Boddington faces the elements to hunt buffalo with longtime friend Zack Aultman.

Pyrenees Prize

Brittany Boddington scales the peaks of the Pyrenees in search of chamois with guides, Guillaume Roques Rogery and Jean Luc Planes.

Plainsgame and Conservation

Join Craig & Donna Boddington as they trek across Africa in search of plainsgame, with the Burchell's of Frontier Safaris.  This episode also highlights a green hunt that contributes to the preservation of rhinos.

Battle for a Bull

Brittany Boddington with good friend Larysa Switlyk are off to New Mexico for a beautiful bull elk and mule deer.

Hog Combat

Brittany Boddington is off to Texas. There she hunts invasive hogs with Andy Anderson of Executive Outdoor Adventures Inc.

Dancing with Dall Sheep

Craig and Donna set out to the remote Brooks Range in the Alaskan wilderness.  Hunting with Bushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting, the Boddington's have their eyes set on Dall Sheep and brown bear.

Estonia Assortment

Brittany Boddington heads to Estonia.  She joins Anton "Tony" Tonchev with Hunt Europe in search of Moose, Roe Deer and more.

Oregon Blacktail

Craig and Donna Boddington head to Oregon to visit the Leupold and Stevens factory.  After walking through the process of assembling a rifle scope, they travel south with Tim and Riza Lesser to hunt for Blacktail Deer.

Forest to Floodplain

Craig and Donna Boddington are joined by friend Dr. Sadaf Khan in the Zambezi Delta, Mozambique. They will be hunting the game rich forest and floodplains with Zambeze Delta Safaris.

Episode 12: Kansas Gobblers

Yes Toto, this is Kansas. When native Kansan Craig Boddington was a youngster there wasn't a turkey in the state. Now, Kansas is one of the top destinations for turkey hunters. Craig and Donna join friend Kendal Kelso of K&K Outfitters in central Kansas, where the concentration of turkeys is just plain astonishing. Click to watch some amazing wild turkey action!

Anti-Poaching: Mozambique

Join Craig Boddington & Conrad Evarts as they follow a successful anti-poaching unit through the jungles and swamps of Mozambique. 

"Poaching can be prevented. From America to Africa, dedicated, gritty and pragmatic people are getting it done. Follow along for a week with a real anti-poaching unit that is employing effective tactics and strategies learned over the past twenty years as they defend 2.5 million acres of the Zambezi Delta from poachers."

It is a wild ride.

Episode 11: That's a Croc

Craig Boddington shares a Mozambique safari camp with Paul Reid and Jack DeLozier of Legendary Arms Works, hunting with Mark Haldane of Zambeze Delta Safaris. Craig has an amazing hunt for a Nile crocodile, one of the wariest of all quarries, while Paul and Jack hunt the area's abundant plains game.

Episode 10: West Texas Aoudad Hunt

Craig and Donna Boddington travel to the rugged mountains and canyons of West Texas to hunt North America's 'other sheep,' the aoudad or Barbary sheep introduced from North Africa a generation ago. Hunter Ross of Desert Safaris shows the Boddington's more wild sheep than they've ever ruggedly magnificent country.