Dave Winchester's Sporting Camp

Dave Winchester's Sporting Camp

North America
New Brunswick
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  • All meals & desserts are home cooked.
  • Each group of hunters will have their own solar powered camp.
  • Only 6-8 hunters per week.
  • Although there is an 18 week bear season, we only hunt 3 weeks in the spring (May-June) and 1 week in the fall (Sept). This is for resource management.
  • If the hunter brings along their own ATV, they can accompany their guide each day as he re-baits each site.

Dave Winchester's Sporting Camps is located 45 miles from Houlton Maine, in the heart of Beautiful New Brunswick Canada. 

The total land and water area of our Province is 28,150 square miles, over 80 percent of which is made up of forests, providing us with the very best bait sites for Bear.

We work very hard to make our establishment, your ultimate Black Bear hunting destination.

Our staff is friendly, and will go to great lengths to make your bear hunt enjoyable.

Come join the thrill, and experience the hunt of a lifetime!