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Desert Bighorn Sheep in Mexico is OPEN

By Katie Wolf @KatieWolfOutdoors In the early 2000’s, Mexico’s regulations on hunting changed, requiring one to go through certified hunting operations that had been registered with the wildlife commissions. Having grown up hunting, Armando Klein, founder and CEO of Sierra Madre Hunting, decided to...Read more

Adaptation: The Key to Survival

By Katie Wolf @KatieWolfOutdoors In 1987, Barry Burchell purchased Hebron, the first piece of land to the now 75,000 acre Burchell Game Reserve, home of Frontier Safaris. Originally a stock ranch, Barry needed to remove the internal fences to make the property open and suitable for game animals...Read more

South Africa is OPEN!

By Katie Wolf @KatieWolfOutdoors John X Safaris focuses on more than just the hunt. Their goal is to provide their clients with the complete safari experience. Relocating to Woodland Safari Estate in 2016, Carl van Zyl continues to grow his safari operation in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. With a...Read more
From 1400 to tens thousands, buff in Coutada 11.

Game Hunters Africa...Postive Attitiude through the Lockdowns.

By Katie Wolf @katiewolfoutdoors When Game Hunters Africa started in 1994, it was a small operation. Over the years, Mark Haldane has grown Game Hunters Africa, now stretching across several countries including South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, and Zambia with eight permanent guides. “I am very...Read more

Handling COVID as an Italian Outfitter

By Katie Wolf @katiewolfoutdoors Leone Rossi grew up with a passion for all things hunting and the outdoors. In 2012 he started his own hunting operation, Italian Safaris. Today, Italian Safari is one of the number one hunting and tourism operations in Italy. Traversing the Tuscan hills, clients...Read more

South American Adventure Safaris Prepares to Fly High Again

By Katie Wolf @katiewolfoutdoors Since 1988, Marcelo Sodiro has built and overseen a very special hunting operation, South American Adventure Safaris. However, after running his outfit more than 3 decades, he could never have predicted what hit him in March 2020. Sodiro grew up hunting. Early on he...Read more


By Katie Wolf @katiewolfoutdoors Having enjoyed hunting all his life, Tim Lockwood, owner of Lockwood Hunting Services, chose to become a hunting guide as a means to pay his way through college. However, as his name made its way around the industry and the guiding took off, in 2004 at the age of 23...Read more
Jokers Wild Outdoors is a great #CBEO member that gets elk done.

Jokers Wild Outdoors is Stayin' Alive!

By Katie Wolf @katiewolfoutdoors With the start of the 2020 spring season, hunting bans and canceled clients isn’t what Mike "Sparky" Sparkes had in mind for his outfit, Jokers Wild Outdoors. Providing customers with both consumer products and guided hunts in Washington Idaho, and Indiana since...Read more

What's the story on the Rigby Highland Stalker?

Today's question is from the video below. Q: I am writing with a question regarding the December 2017 Rigby Highland Stalker Vide. I have just retired after 25 years in the Army and am looking at purchasing a Highland Stalker as a retirement present to myself once I save up a bit more money. I am...Read more

Q & A With the Colonel - Lefty Game Rifles

Q: As you I’m a lefty, I’m thinking of purchasing a dangerous game rifle.I shoot a model 70 375 H&H well, but you know what it takes to do the reach over and jack the bolt. So I was thinking of a lever action, specifically, a bighorn armory 500 S&W, a 45-70, or a 475 turnbull any other...Read more