Desert Bighorn Sheep in Mexico is OPEN

Desert Bighorn Sheep in Mexico is OPEN

By Katie Wolf @KatieWolfOutdoors

In the early 2000’s, Mexico’s regulations on hunting changed, requiring one to go through certified hunting operations that had been registered with the wildlife commissions. Having grown up hunting, Armando Klein, founder and CEO of Sierra Madre Hunting, decided to register his own ranch in 2002 so he and his family could continue their hunting endeavors on their own property. Today, Sierra Madre Hunting stretches across 800,000 acres of private land world wide offering many different varieties of species to hunt through vast terrains including deserts and jungles. Although the 10 day free range Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt is one of the most sought after hunts with Sierra Madre, wingshooting has also become quite popular with the ability to chase dove, quail, waterfowl, pheasants, and turkey. In addition to the sheep and birds, one can fill their desire to hunt many different deer such as the Desert Mule Deer, Central Plateau Whitetail, Carmen Mountain Whitetail, Crookie Mule Deer, Baja Blacktail Deer, and many more.

However, like many operations, in March 2020, plans were put on hold with Sierra Madre Hunting in reaction to COVID-19. As countries were starting to lock down, Klein was forced to close down his spring hunting season and reschedule clients for 2021. “We were not expecting the lockdown,” said Klein, however his clients were understanding with the rescheduling due to the current situation.

The good news is, Mexico reopened in time for the season. Sierra Madre Hunting istaking the same health precautions that can be seen throughout the rest of the world, such as the use of a face covering and hand sanitizer. “In the field we will have a facility to wash your hands,” said Klein. Sierra Madre Hunting considers themselves an exclusive outfitter meaning they restrict themselves to a single hunting group at a time. Klein believes this should also help with social distancing as people from different parties will not risk coming in contact with one another.

“We are more than willing to welcome anyone here in Mexico,” says Klein. If one wishes to get in contact and book a hunt with Sierra Madre Hunting, simply visit the website for more information and contact details.