Game Hunters Africa...Postive Attitiude through the Lockdowns.

Game Hunters Africa...Postive Attitiude through the Lockdowns.

By Katie Wolf @katiewolfoutdoors

When Game Hunters Africa started in 1994, it was a small operation. Over the years, Mark Haldane has grown Game Hunters Africa, now stretching across several countries including South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, and Zambia with eight permanent guides. “I am very fortunate to have a great team that supports me and does their best to make me look good,” said Mark.

Mark grew up hunting, so creating Game Hunters Africa has allowed him to pursue his dream of hunting professionally while simultaneously sharing his passion with others. Game Hunters Africa provides clients with the opportunity to hunt not only the big five, but countless plains game as well, setting them apart from other hunting organizations in Africa. “We have a very unique area, having 5 specific ecosystems within 500,000 acres. This gives us a huge diversity of wildlife,” said Mark. Rich with game, the Zambezi Delta in Mozambique has become one of the most popular locations for clients to hunt with Game Hunters Africa. Mark says the Zambezi Delta offers a unique hunting experience as it is home to cape buffalo, crocodile, hippo, eland, leopard, zebra, and many other species.

In March 2020, Mark was preparing for the upcoming hunting season getting the camp ready, cutting roads, and finishing up any needed repairs when the news came that Mozambique shut down in reaction to COVID-19. “Along came June with zero income. We all thought we would open in a month or two, how wrong we were,” said Mark.

However, Mark chose to look at the situation in a positive light. In a normal hunting season, Mark does more guiding than hunting so he took the opportunity of an empty camp to guide himself filling community quota and “just getting to everything I hadn’t got to in the past,” said Mark. “I think there has been some good to come out of the lockdown. It’s given us a chance to take stock of the incredible lives we live and have lived. I think we will be ready withnew energy for 2021. I can't wait,” said Mark. Game Hunters Africa is hoping for a good final month of hunting as they have a lot of quota still available for those wanting to come and hunt. In addition, Game Hunters Africa has openings for 2021 and looks forward to future clients who want to experience a true African safari. For more information please visit