Jokers Wild Outdoors is Stayin' Alive!

Jokers Wild Outdoors is Stayin' Alive!

By Katie Wolf @katiewolfoutdoors

With the start of the 2020 spring season, hunting bans and canceled clients isn’t what Mike "Sparky" Sparkes had in mind for his outfit, Jokers Wild Outdoors. Providing customers with both consumer products and guided hunts in Washington Idaho, and Indiana since 2005, Jokers Wild is a one stop shop for all things North American hunting.

 As the Spring 2020 season began, it was to be a year like any other with guided trips filling the books in all three states. However, plans took a colossal turn when the reaction to COVID 19 began. In April, Washington State, one of the regions where Jokers Wild’s Outdoors hunts for deer, elk, turkey, bear, and other species, chose to extend the closure of both the fishing and hunting seasons in reaction to COVID-19.

Other complications arose for Jokers Wild Outdoors when Idaho’s Fish and Game Commission chose to place a temporary ban on non-resident licenses for both fishing and hunting. As many of Jokers Wild Outdoors clients are non-residents, bookings had to be postponed and rescheduled to either later in the season or 2021.

 Now, as some of these restrictions have lifted, Sparky assures clients that Jokers Wild is taking all the necessary precautions to provide customers with both a safe and enjoyable hunting trip as they adapted how they facilitate their clients. For example: Only hunters in the same party will share a room to help maintain social distancing. Additionally, he secured extra houses to provide the space to comfortably accommodate everybody. “We’re working through it,” said Sparkes, “people still want to hunt.”

Jokers Wild Outdoors is currently at about 75% capacity for this year's hunting season and is eager to take on more clients. If one finds themselves wanting to enjoy a hunting adventure, it is easy to get in contact with Jokers Wild Outdoors. Simply visit for contact details as well as additional information.