South American Adventure Safaris Prepares to Fly High Again

South American Adventure Safaris Prepares to Fly High Again

By Katie Wolf @katiewolfoutdoors

Since 1988, Marcelo Sodiro has built and overseen a very special hunting operation, South American Adventure Safaris. However, after running his outfit more than 3 decades, he could never have predicted what hit him in March 2020.

Sodiro grew up hunting. Early on he dreamed of creating his own hunting operation. He dreamed of sharing his incredible hunting expereineces with others and he and his father made this dream a reality by starting South American Adventure Safaris. South American Adventure Safaris outfits from La Pampa, Patagonia to Peru. He offers big game hunting, wing shooting and fishing. Sodiro offers hunting dreams. While both the fishing and big game hunting is good, Sodiro says it is the wingshooting that distinguishes his region, “I would say that Argentina is the prime country in the world for wingshooting,”

Argentina is amazing. South American Adventure Safaris knows how to make it more amazing. They offer luxury lodges located on the ranches providing optimal convenience and the most effective use of time. Additionally,, the operation is fully staffed allowing for one on one guided hunts, a relaxing lodge experience upon returning from the hunts including a roaring fire in the main living room and a fully stocked bar, and to top it all off, extraordinary meals.

In March 2020, clients of South American Adventure Safaris were forced to cut their trip short rush back the States as the world prepared for COVID-19. Shortly after, Sodiro realized the extent of the impact COVID would have and quickly rebooked his clients for the following year. “We lost an entire year with the exception of the first group that went home early,” said Sodiro, “myself and my people had to leave the ranch and return to our homes in the city.” Fortunately, clients were understanding and Sodiro was able to find room for them to hunt in 2021. However, with all the rebookings, South American Adventure Safaris is fully booked for the year 2021 with the exception of a few openings for the wing shooting lodge.

Understanding the struggles people would face in reaction of COVID-19, Sodiro changed the way they handle bookings for clients. Rather than requiring a 50% deposit to save a date with South American Adventure Safaris, today, all that is requested is a 30% deposit. In addition, there will be no fee for one to change the date of a booking up to 2022. South American Adventure Safaris welcomes hunters from all over the world and looks forward to seeing new faces and creating unforgettable memories. To book the trip of a lifetime with a true gentleman, visit