What's the story on the Rigby Highland Stalker?

What's the story on the Rigby Highland Stalker?

Today's question is from the video below.

Q: I am writing with a question regarding the December 2017 Rigby Highland Stalker Vide. I have just retired after 25 years in the Army and am looking at purchasing a Highland Stalker as a retirement present to myself once I save up a bit more money. I am writing regarding his thoughts on which scope mounting system to go with. I did not see much emphasis on the advantages / disadvantages of each in the video. The John Rigby site depicts Hexalock and what appears to be a traditional set up. I appreciate your time.


A: Bobby, the “test rifle” I used came with a Hexalock system ready to mount. So I installed it, absolutely no problems, and it seemed very solid and certainly held up. But, obviously, the .275 Rigby (7x57) has very little recoil, so is not an “acid test” of a scope mount’s strength. I loved that Highland Stalker! Beautifully made and finished. Obviously this is a costly rifle, but I think it’s a solid value. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, at least for domestic relationships), it was a right-hand bolt. I’m left-handed and so is Donna, and the Highland Stalker is right-hand only. So we weren’t tempted. However, a friend of mine purchased that rifle. It continues to shoot well, and the Hexalock system has remained solid and doesn’t shift zero. I have huge respect for the gunmakers at the current Rigby shop…they recommend the Hexalock, so I’d follow their recommendation. Great retirement present…enjoy!