What Are Endorsed Outfitters?

What Are Endorsed Outfitters?

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The problem with hunting is it is addictive. You spend time in camp having the time of your life and talking with fellow hunters. By the time you depart one camp, you’re planning your next hunt.

Next comes the research. These hunts aren’t cheap. The bigger the price…the more daunting the research. The Internet overwhelms. Chatting at a show booth is like leaping from holding hands to getting married. Yes, your buddy assured you outfitter X is the best for Species Y, but you know he’s only hunted that species once. The fun of the process diminishes as question marks abound. If only you had Craig Boddington’s satellite phone number. You could call and winnow these options down to the outfitter he would use for the species and region you’re interested in.

We saved you an expensive satellite phone chat by compiling all of these outfitters here. Search by region or species. You’ll find the outfitter Craig likes. 

What are the criteria? There is only one, “Would Craig suggest the outfit to his best friend?”

Craig is a hunter first. Therefore his decision starts with the quality of the hunting and guiding and ends with amenities. He likes to say, “You don’t have to practice being miserable.” But, the hunting always comes first. There’s no way to create a standardized system for global hunting outfits. A great camp in sheep country would be a horrible camp for African plains game. For forty years Craig has lived in camps around the world. He knows what a good hunting situation looks like anywhere.

In other words: Over the past 40 years, Craig Boddington traveled to 56 countries to hunt about 300 species with several hundred outfitters--over 110 hunts in Africa alone. From Kyrgyzstan to Kansas, Mozambique to Montana, no other hunter is more qualified to identify a good outfitter.

So if you are an outfitter interested in learning more about becoming one of Craig Boddington's Endorsed Outfitters, learn more here or contact us directly.

And if you're ready to start planning your hunt, click here to find the best outfitter for you.

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