Get the Most Out of Your Convention Experience

Get the Most Out of Your Convention Experience

Planning on Attending a Hunting Convention

If you are planning on attending one of the many great hunting conventions in 2020, you need to do some planning ahead of the convention. Most importantly, you must decide which hunting convention or conventions you would like to attend. We compiled this excellent 2020 Hunting Convention Calendar to help you decide which hunting conventions are important to attend. We suggest supporting the organizations that you believe in and attending the shows in locations that you enjoy.

Booking Travel to Hunting Conventions 

Out of town conventions require travel, and whether you are planning on driving to the hunting convention or flying, you need to spend a little bit of time planning out your trip. Some locations are easier to fly into than others. Booking airlines can be a whole lot cheaper if you book the airlines and the hotels well in advance. Many of the conventions have hotel room blocks offered at a special rate, but if you want that rate it is going to take some advance planning to make it happen. Many of the hunting conventions are in January and February, and winter delays are a serious reality. I suggest to friends that they book in an extra day for travel before the convention and after the convention. If there are no delays, you can enjoy the extra time to explore the city.

Researching Exhibitors 

Many of the hunting conventions provide their list of exhibitors ahead of time, and some of the hunting conventions have their own app for the show which provides a list of the exhibitors. This allows you to do some research before you get to the show. If you are looking for binoculars, you can do your research and make a list of the optics manufacturers. Planning ahead, you can look up the booth numbers and locations so you can see each of these companies on a tight schedule. Some of the hunting conventions have a tremendous number of exhibitors focused on manufacturers, artists, retailers and outfitters.

Researching Outfitters 

Hunting conventions can be a good location to meet with prospective outfitters, but the rule needs to be to do your research well in advance. I look through websites like CBEO and I look through the exhibitors lists of the conventions to see if some of those outfitters are attending the conventions I am attending. If they are, I set up appointments in advance to meet at the show so I can meet and learn more about the outfitter. I trust sources like Craig Boddington to know and understand what makes a great outfitter.

Supporting Conservation 

The major reason that I attend hunting conventions is to support conservation organizations and learn more about the organization and the people who feel as passionately as I do about the conservation of wildlife. Events like these conservation and hunting conventions offer up opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, new friends and potential hunting partners. Evening auctions and raffles are also a great opportunity to support the conservation organizations.


Another great reason to attend these hunting shows is to attend seminars and learn from experts like professional dog trainers, outdoor writers, authors, hunters, guides and wildlife experts. If you want to learn new hunting techniques or new ways to prepare wild game, the seminars are a great opportunity to get the education you are looking for.


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