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The wait has been long, but now it is over...

As we enter the new year with the promise of an extraordinary season ahead, we eagerly look towards the future. Like you, we have come to learn that we are not able to predict what the future may hold for us, but it has not dampened our spirits in holding our course as we find ways to sustain our people, wildlife and wild places. Through your unwavering support we have been able to ride the worst of the storm ensuring we are ready for your arrival in the coming months.

In saying that, we have had to learn to adapt to an ever-changing landscape when it comes to traveling. And while those new challenges have challenged us more than ever before, it has made us more resolute in our continued quest as responsible hunters. 

One of the biggest challenges facing us at present is the continues changes in our travel schedules. With both Delta and United Air pushing back current schedules to resume operation in June, and many of you seeing your current itiniery postponed or cancelled, we have had to find a solution in getting you to Africa. 

Qatar Airways was not an airline we looked at a mere 12 months ago, but today they are offering more routes than any other airline internationally at present. They are leading the way with great rates for both economy/business class tickets and do accommodate the carry of firearms. They offer a number of connections from the US - Doha - Johannesburg / Return. By getting a refund on your existing ticket, if that has been cancelled/postponed, and booking with Qatar you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you'll get to Africa when few others are offering this service at present. 

On a positive note, South Africa (SA) has recently relaxed its level 3 lockdown criteria due to the dramatic drop in Covid-19 infections. All international travelers are permitted to travel into/out of  SA within the required travel regulations. (See regulations below). Travel requirements for the US have also not changed and where there has been speculation of a quarantine requirement upon your return to the US, we can confirm in line with what is published on the US CDC website at present, a quarantine period remains a recommendation and it is not a requirement.  

2020 was a year like few in recent times and neither you nor us are ready to see a repeat of what we had to endure. It is time for you to return to Africa once again. It is time for long glassing sessions with soul inspiring views and those once in a lifetime experiences that take your breath away. It is time for those quiet moments that merely require a glance to build long-lasting friendships after the smell of gunpowder has subsided and the congratulatory handshakes have recognized an achievement worth remembering. It is time to see dusty boots and weary legs make their way back to the campfire each evening as we share in conversation this passion we hold so dear. It is time for wonderfully long walks and those special moments before squeezing the trigger where the culmination of years' worth of dreaming finally come together in a moment so intimate we're barely able to describe it.

We understand the challenges you're faced with in getting to Africa and recognize the extra effort it has taken of you to make it all possible. It is all part of the journey and the stories we will tell our grandchildren in years to come. On days where the best of our plans and intentions are thrown into disarray we would like to urge you to let things settle without having them affect you today as they may not be a factor tomorrow.

As always, common sense will prevail and remain the order of the day, as we navigate our way through this season together. We have come this far, and have no intention of turning back now. It is time for you to return to Africa.

See you on safari!


Carl & Team