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Web clips from the Boddington Experience.  


Hunting bongo in the rain forest with the baka pygmies and their dogs is probably the most exciting hunting experience. It is hard, hot, humid and you see nothing when it is time to shoot...

Dave Winchester's Sporting Camp

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Colonel Boddington & Dr Ian Player Interview

Colonel Craig Boddington visits with Dr. Ian Player about the White Rhino's decline and comeback. Dr. Ian Player (03/15/1927 - 11/30/2014) was the founder of the Wild Foundation, World Wilderness Congress and instrumental in the Wilderness Leadership School.

Shooting Sticks

Nothing to set your gun on? No problem. Brittany and Craig Boddington teach a lesson in using African shooting sticks for standing shots. If you're looking for your own sticks to practice on, look no further than African Sporting Creations.

Pioneer Museum

Take a look inside the Pioneer Musuem with the Boddington Family as Craig shows us an antique gun collection held inside the museum, which includes old windchesters and marlins. 

The Hunter's Role in Conservation

Mark Holyoak from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and RMEF member Denny Nelson speak about how this organization is obtaining new land and protecting existing areas to provide quality public lands to users and animals alike. To learn more about RMEF visit their website at

Caping a Deer

Want to learn how to cape a deer from start to finish?  Craig Boddington shows your how in this full tutorial!  The lesson was created for the students in the Kansas State Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management degree program where they study to be guides, outfitters, and managers. For more information on this unique program visit their website.


In this clip, Craig will show you what he packs for buffalo hunts and offers valuable advice about what to pack when traveling to a specialized destination.