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Hunter Ross of Desert Safaris is an extremely able young hunter and outfitter, operating primarily in the amazingly big mountains of West Texas, with some hunting in New Mexico. He is the superstar of free-range aoudad hunting, is doing an awesome job with desert mule deer, and has a couple of “sleeper” spots for big elk. I’ve hunted with him for aoudad, mule deer, and pronghorn…he’s fun to hunt with, and I love the big country he operates in. I don’t think it’s possible to beat the aoudad I took with him earlier this year…but we’re going to try.

1. Newly remodeled accommodations with modern conveniences for hunting and lodging.

2. Amenities including central heat and air, full kitchens, baths, towels, linens, private bedrooms, washer, dryer, satellite television, and shaded porches.

3. Lodges with all amenities.

4. Basic ranch houses.

5. Motels.

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Hunting seasons are which time of the year you will find which species to hunt.
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1. Desert Safaris, LLC is an established, respected, and full-time outfitter since 1994, providing high-quality hunting adventures in Texas and New Mexico for big game trophies.

2. They offer hunting opportunities for desert mule deer, pronghorn antelope, free-range aoudad or Barbary sheep, free-range axis deer, and multiple exotic game species.

3. The operation is secured on some of the best private ranches in Texas and New Mexico, with guaranteed landowner tags for guided hunts.

4. Their leased land base consists of over 525,000 acres of private land exclusively for Desert Safaris clientele.

5. Hunter Ross, a West Texas native, leads the professional staff, and the team has a combined 175 plus years of experience in guiding and landowner relations.

6. Desert Safaris prioritizes client satisfaction and has a repeat client rate of over 85%.

7. They offer Texas Mule Deer Hunting with exclusive private ranches covering 315,000 acres and a year-round season with archery or rifle hunts.

8. Sonora Mexico Mule Deer Hunting is offered on well-managed ranches encompassing over 70,000 acres of prime habitat in the Sonoran Desert.

9. Free Range Aoudad "Barbary" Sheep Hunting is available on 7 large private ranches in Western Texas, known for producing some of the largest free-range sheep.

10. New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope Hunting is conducted on 140,000 acres of private ranches with trophy antelope in the 14" to 16"+ class.

11. Texas Free Range Axis Deer Hunting offers hunting opportunities in the hill country region with a 100% fair-chase, free-range hunting success rate on SCI record book bucks.

12. Texas Exotic Hunting includes unlimited opportunities for hunting exotic species from across the globe.

13. Desert Safaris aims to provide the highest quality hunting experience through managed private properties, experienced guides, first-class accommodations, and quality equipment.

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