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Lockwood Hunting Services is a professional hunting guide service owned and operated by Tim and Kayla Lockwood. We specialize in guided hunts for blacktail deer, wild pigs, black bear and turkey on thousands of acres of private land in California’s Mendocino and San Benito Counties. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We have a professional and knowledgeable team of guides waiting to assist you.

When you book a hunt with Lockwood Hunting Services you can be assured that it is in an area with record class animals of the species that you are hunting. We are committed to providing our clients a quality guided hunt. Your success is our success. You have our personal guarantee that a 100% effort will be put forth by us to help you obtain the trophy that you desire.

Depending on the private ranch and location being hunted we have lodges with private rooms, bunkhouses or at certain locations we utilize hotels.

Hunting seasons are which time of the year you will find which species to hunt.
Some more information here about why hunting seasons are important to consider before choosing your next hunting experience.


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Our wild pig hunts are conducted on private ranches in the County of Mendocino near Hopland, CA and San Benito County near Paicines, CA. The terrain consists of open fields, rolling hills, forests, canyons and brush with an abundance of natural springs which makes this ideal country to glass the mountain sides and oak edges looking for that monster hog. We will use methods of spot and stalk to hunt the pigs. The ranches we hunt are private which allows us to keep hunting pressure low, allowing pigs to mature to old age with an abundant population. Our success rate is high on this hunt since all of our pig hunts are one on one or two on one guided. Pig tags are sold over the counter and the season is year round. Whether you would like to hunt with archery equipment or a rifle we can make it happen. Handicapped hunters are welcome.


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