SCI Ultimate Sportsmen’s Market Seminars

SCI Ultimate Sportsmen’s Market Seminars

Craig’s Seminars:



February 6 from 10 AM to 12 PM 

Room A6



February 6 from 1 PM to 3 PM Q&A Afterwards.

Room A13


SCI Convention Seminars 


The list of quality seminars at the SCI Ultimate Sportsmen’s Market continues to grow with quality speakers and quality topics.  This hunting convention just does not disappoint and provides the best experts in the industry to educate the SCI members.


The list of great seminars can be found on the SCI website, but we wanted to take a few of the seminars and highlight some worth attending. 


Gil and Vicki Ash will focus on Improving your Wingshooting.  This husband and wife team have written the book on great wingshooting and are the nation’s premier wingshooting coaches.  They will be using Shotkam video kill shots on doves, pigeons and ducks, and will share tips and tricks on improving your success on game birds.  We have attended this seminar in the past and walked away with actionable insights that have made a difference.


Denny Geurink will be sharing his knowledge of SURVIVING SIBERIA - Land of Man Eating Bears Siberian Tigers And Ravaging Wolves.  Denny has over three decades of hunting and outfitting in the “Land of the Bear.”  Denny came to the former Soviet Union through the Gorbachev government back in 1990.  He will talk about his encounters with the KGB, harrowing bear attacks stories, the adventures in Siberia and a look at the people, the food, the wild animals and the culture of hunting this great land.  Denny has been hunting Russia now for over three decades.  During that time frame, he has taken over one thousand people to Russia to pursue bears, moose and more.


Craig Bade will focus on Ten Commandments of Foreign Travel.  Whether you are a seasoned traveler or this is your first “trip of a lifetime,” you will walk away with some valuable information from this well done lecture.  Dr. Bade has hunted the arctic and the desert and the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and Africa eleven times.  Having spent years behind medical books and rifle scopes, Dr. Bade has compiled functional information nearly everyone can use.  Dr. Bade will discuss preparing physically, emotionally and operatively for the adventure of a lifetime.  


Dwight Van Brunt will be discussing Proper Estate Planning for your Valuable Firearms and Sporting Collectibles.  Our world of estate planning is getting more and more complicated, and Dwight will provide you with the knowledge to create a formal plan that directs the orderly 

disposition and/or monetization of your valuable firearms, sporting collectibles, books, and hunting items. The unique nature of guns, taxidermy, etc. makes accurate valuation difficult, legal requirements confusing and logistics nearly impossible to understand. Rather than depending on Uncle Joe, this seminar will help you ensure that everything is handled according to your plans.


Tom Claycomb will be sharing his immense knowledge of Hunting Small Game with Air Guns.  The world of air guns has been growing exponentially over the last two decades, and in this seminar you will learn the benefits and downfalls of modern sporting air guns.  If you want to introduce kids, grandkids, your spouse or friends to shooting, air guns don’t kick, they are not loud and they are super fun to shoot.  Tom takes a serious look at the top three most popular models of air guns, and you will walk away wanting a new air rifle.


While the hunting convention floor may be buzzing with excitement and the auctions are a great place to bid on once in a lifetime hunts, the hunting convention seminars are the one place you can stop in and gain some serious knowledge and decades of experience in under a couple of hours.  Look through the list of great seminars and pick out a few that are a fit to help you grow your education.