Sorry About the Pretzels

Sorry About the Pretzels

Conventions are dropping like flies in a frozen skinning shed, not just in the hunting world but in every marketplace. Luckily Craig and I saw this coming and have tested an online convention over the past two convention seasons. In response we assembled one hell of a team to make the Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitter Hunters Convention the BEST it could be (and not just because we have the most syllables).

Starting December 26th at 8:00 AM Central Time we will deliver everything you need to book a future filled with hunting dreams come true. You’ll be able to meet and mingle with vetted outfitters that Craig sends his closest friends to. We’ll have Craig’s books, knives and apparel at the BoddoShop along with everything from African Sporting Creations. There will be seminars and even a live cocktail party with Craig and Donna.

We only failed you in one area: We can’t figure out how to get the stale overpriced food the conventions are known for to you through Wi-Fi. BUT, because we care about your experience we came up with a plan. Send $10 cash to us today and we’ll mail you a giant salted pretzel and a mustard packet. This should ensure it arrives perfectly stale to you in time for the Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitter Hunters Convention.

See you all December 26th and Merry Christmas Season in the meantime!


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