Three FUN Ways to Use CBEO Online Convention

Three FUN Ways to Use CBEO Online Convention

Conventions are incredibly expensive, time consuming and hard work. So, why have people come together to hold pow wows and fairs since time immemorial? We make the effort because they are important socially and economically.

In the case of hunting conventions our dreams, time, money, safety and reputation are on the line. We need to look that outfitter in the eye and make sure we trust them.

Despite all that’s occurred in 2020 you can still do that with 50 of Craig’s favorite outfitters from around the world.

1. BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS: Did you know you could hunt beaver in Latvia or muskox in a t-shirt in Greenland? With over 600 species offered around the world the opportunity to dream is incredible. Wander around and learn.

2. MEET FASCINATING PEOPLE: Outfitters are entertainers. Reach out and schedule a time to visit on ZOOM. Get to know these people and you will enjoy the chat. Nobody ever expanded their life by being shy.

3. SAY “YES” TO LIFE: Many people assume outfitted hunts are beyond their means. The reality is our outfitters offer hunts the world over that can be enjoyed with just a little budgeting and planning. Traveling to hunt is one of the most exciting and memorable adventures one can undertake.


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