What’s Missing from Online Conventions?

What’s Missing from Online Conventions?

In a word: TRUST.

Much of human communication is nonverbal. Much of what’s online is pure horse pucky. So in the days of COVID cancelled conventions, how in the world are you going to book hunts?

We attend hunter conventions so we can see what’s possible and look an outfitter in the eye as he sells his hunt. We instinctively want to observe all the non-verbal cues that go with the talk. We want to know if he’s reliable and can be trusted with our money, time, safety and reputation. We also want to know if we want to spend days with him around a fire or dinner table. Is this a person I’ll relate to? Well for good or bad 2020 sure has taught us how to do all this using ZOOM. All CBEO members are savvy with communications technology. You’ll get to look them in the eye before sending a deposit.

So the ZOOM takes care of the interaction. Now what about the risk that the outfitter is just an A1 good liar? That’s where Craig’s vetting and endorsement come in. Every one of these good people are personally vetted by Craig, Donna or Conrad. The cost in time and money is ridiculous but we put boots on the ground with every outfitter. We say “no” more than we say “yes.” By the time we’re done with these outfitters Craig would be comfortable sending his daughters with them. Heck, he’d let them babysit his new granddaughter.


You can trust a Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitter.


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