Leopard Hunt with Jamy Traut Safaris
Jun 10 to Jun 25

Craig will travel to Namibia to hunt with Jamy Traut Safaris. Jamy and his family are long time Safari operators in Namibia and also one of our CBEO members. Craig is accompanying the winning bid from SCI’s Saturday Evening’s Auction for a leopard hunt with Jamy. Craig will most likely be helping gather some leopard bait with his 9.3x.62 Montana rifle that Ron Petty of Montana Rifle Company, presented him with at the Shot Show. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris is another proud CBEO member.

10th Annual Craig Boddington Fishing Tournament
Aug 02 to Aug 05
Brittish Columbia

The world famous Black Gold Craig Boddington 10th Annual Salmon Fishing Tournament will be held at Jim Roughs awesome Black Gold Float Camp in Rivers Inlet, British Columbia. The fish are always running and I always have a blast and catch tons of fresh Salmon, ling cod, rock cod and halibut. This year is the tenth year I’ve been doing this, and it is one of my favorite low-key fun trips. I keep going back. For the first time there is no entry fee for the tournament. Just come and fish. Have fun. Take home some awesome prizes such as Cape Buffalo and plains game in Africa.  Bull Tahr in New Zealand, Trophy whitetail in Alberta, and Black Bear in British Columbia... plus much more! The food is amazing if you choose to have your meals prepared, or you also have the option to prepare your own meals.  If you just want to be in camp and do your own thing book during that time. For more information another great CBEO member. /1-604-941-3228

Dall Sheep Hunt with Mountain Monarchs of Alaska
Aug 10 to Aug 21

Craig will be accompanying Donna and their friend Lisa McNamee on a Dall sheep hunt in Alaska. Hunting with Dave Leonard's Mountain Monarchs Of Alaska, CBEO Member and someone Craig has hunted with for many years!

Cape Buffalo Hunt with Zambeze Delta Safaris
Aug 31 to Sep 09

Craig will be in the Zambeze Delta hunting, what else? Cape buffalo in the swamps and the forest. We will be there hunting with Mark Haldane and Zambeze Delta Safaris, home of Mary Cabela’s Lion Project. Cabela Family Foundation’s 24 Lions Conservation Project that is taking place in the Coutadas of Zambeze Delta Safaris, a proud CBEO Member.

Cruising the Mediterranean
Sep 10 to Sep 25
The Mediterranean

Craig will be starting out in Turkey for an amazing first-time experience cruising the Mediterranean with friends (old and new) on a private luxury cruise booked through IEC Travel Consultancy (Exclusive Travel Services) with our guide and host Hakan. Sight seeing in Istanbul, Bodrum, Ephesus, Cappadocia, and who knows what else? Shikar Safaris is a CBEO Member, and is affiliated with IEC Travel Consultancy.

Namibia Hunt with Dirk DeBod Safaris Namibia
Oct 10 to Oct 18

Craig is hunting in Namibia with John Stucker and Dione Hasse, both good friends of Craig's. This will be Dione’s first trip to Africa and she is sure to get hooked, addicted, or whatever the term is for the African affliction addiction. They will be with Dirk DeBod Safaris Namibia. John is hoping for a leopard… this will be his second try of those long nights in the blind. Let's wish him good luck! Of course Dirk is a long-time friend, and as Craig would say, "the best drama PH on all levels." Dirk DeBod Safaris Namibia is a proud CBEO Member

Hunt Kansas Whitetails with Craig!
Dec 04 to Dec 15

It's Kansas Deer Season and Craig will be the host, guide, skinner, and well... we won’t let him cook. It’s a really bad idea. You will probably be eating potato chips and wine. Craig and his neighbors, Chuck Herbal and Ruth Ritthaler, are the owners of Timber Trails in Kansas and they will co-host the hunt.