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Australia’s rugged outbacks and dense rainforests set the stage for a unique hunting theater. With Craig Boddington’s stamp of approval, venture into a world where kangaroos hop and buffalos charge.

  • Discover diverse targets: Water Buffalo, Kangaroo, and Wild Boar.
  • Rely on Craig’s firsthand experiences from the Australian wilderness.
  • Unveil the secrets of hunting in the world’s most isolated continent.

Featured Outfitters

Greg Pennicott Safaris
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We aim to make your Trip of a Lifetime a most rewarding and memorable experience. Our knowledge of the Australian outback and its big game species are second to none. We use this knowledge to provide you with an unforgettable Australian safari at a very affordable price.

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Banteng, Buffalo
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Chris Bilkey Track & Trail Safaris

Chris Bilkey and his wife, Peg, run Track and Trail Safaris as a small, personal outfit. Operating from their comfortable home on New Zealand’s South Island, they are conveniently located near several concessions that, collectively, offer the full range of New Zealand species. Chris’ specialty and first love is free-range hunting.

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Chamois, Deer, Sheep, tahr, Wapiti, Waterfowl, Boar
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Kingham Safaris
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Australia has great hunting but, honestly, in my experience most camps are a bit rough—which is perfectly okay so long as you know what you’re getting into. Bill Webster’s Kingham Safaris is a notable exception!

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Water buffalo, Banteng, Sambar, Hog deer, Javan and Moluccan Rusa, Axis deer, Fallow Deer, Red Stag
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most sought-after game species in Australia?  

Australia boasts a diverse range of game, from native species like kangaroos and wallabies to introduced species such as fallow deer, red deer, and wild boars. Additionally, the continent is known for unique hunting opportunities for water buffalo and banteng in the Northern Territory.

Are there specific hunting seasons in Australia for different game?  

Yes, hunting seasons in Australia vary by state and territory, and for the specific species you're targeting. For instance, deer species have specific seasons, while some animals like wild pigs and certain species of kangaroos can be hunted year-round. Always consult with your outfitter or local regulations for exact dates.

Is hunting in Australia predominantly done on private or public lands?  

Much of the hunting in Australia takes place on private lands, with landowners granting permission. However, there are also state forests and public lands where hunting is allowed, but permits and tags are often required.

What kind of terrains can I expect when hunting In Australia?  

Australia offers a wide range of terrains – from the dense rainforests of Queensland, arid deserts in the central regions, to the swampy terrains of the Northern Territory. This varied landscape offers diverse hunting experiences, ensuring every trip is unique.

How does Craig Boddington evaluate and endorse outfitters in Australia?  

Craig places a high emphasis on ethical hunting practices, sustainability, and the knowledge and experience of the outfitter. Each endorsed outfitter in Australia has been vetted personally by Craig, ensuring they uphold the highest standards of safety, animal welfare, and provide top-notch experiences for hunters.

Is bow hunting popular in Australia, and are there specific regulations around it?  

Yes, bow hunting has gained popularity in Australia over the years. However, regulations differ across states. Some states have minimum requirements for bow poundage, especially when hunting larger game. It's essential to check with local authorities or your outfitter to ensure you're compliant with bow hunting regulations.

What measures are taken to ensure sustainable hunting in Australia?  

Sustainable hunting is a priority in Australia. Authorities implement game management strategies, set quotas, and closely monitor animal populations. These measures, combined with hunter education, help ensure that hunting in Australia remains sustainable for future generations.

How do I ensure I'm adhering to ethical hunting practices while in Australia?  

Choosing a Craig Boddington endorsed outfitter is a solid first step, as they uphold high standards of ethical hunting. Additionally, familiarizing oneself with Australia's hunting regulations, respecting bag limits, practicing fair chase principles, and prioritizing humane shot placements are all crucial to ethical hunting.

With Australia's diverse ecosystems, how do I prepare for varying hunting conditions?  

Australia's vast landscape means hunters can experience different climates in a single trip. It's essential to research the specific region you'll be hunting in, consult with your outfitter regarding gear recommendations, and always be prepared for sudden weather changes. Layering clothing and having gear for both wet and dry conditions can be beneficial.

The CBEO Experience

At Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitters, we value transparency, integrity, and the absolute best in hunting experiences. We believe that each hunt is more than just a price tag - it's a personalized journey for every hunter while we cannot list specific prices like the impersonal hunting directories out there you may have seen, we want to emphasize that we hand-pick outfitters known for their impeccable service, expert knowledge, and fair pricing. We understand that a hunt is an investment and we are committed to ensuring our clients get the best possible return - in experience, satisfaction, and the thrill of the hunt.

What Does the CBEO Endorsement Mean?
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  • Endorsement by Craig Boddington, a hunting legend with over four decades of experience in outdoor journalism, is a testament to the quality and reliability of the hunting outfitter.
  • Our boots on the ground vetting means each endorsed outfitter is ensured to offer top-notch, expert knowledge, and a high standard of animal welfare and conservation.
  • Craig's endorsement are not influenced by sponsorships or partnerships. They are solely based on Craig's honest, personal experience and assessment.
  • Craig's endorsement outfitters understand that pricing is more than just a cost - it's the value you receive from a meticulously planned and executed hunt.
Booking and Pricing:
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  • We connect you with the outfitter directly for pricing and details. This ensures a personalized service tailored to your specific needs and expectations.
  • We ensure that all pricing is fair, competitive, and representative of the top-tier service offered by our endorsed outfitters.
  • By dealing directly with the outfitter, you avoid any third-party fees or commissions.
  • We are not a booking agency and accept no commissions. This means there is NO MARKUP on your hunt.
At CBEO, we're here to guide you to the right outfitter for your next great hunt. It's about more than cost - it's about Trust, Trophy Quality, Safety, and Your Reputation.