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"Legendary Big Game and Bird Hunting Safaris in Argentina with Marcelo Sodiro"

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Who wants to go to Argentina with me? Not just Argentina: Legendary big game huting and wingshooting with Marcelo Sodiro. Like I've said before, I'm at the point in my life where I'm big on doing what I enjoy. That's why I'm hosting a fantastic hunt with one of my best friends: Marcelo Sodiro. I love hunting with him.

I'll put a link below. For the good of SCI I hope you bid aggressively. For the good of us all, I hope you like to have fun!

I first hunted with Marcelo Sodiro’s South American Adventures Safaris in 2007. I've returned many times since. Marcelo is a true gentleman and great outfitter. Argentina is home to fantastic hunting. The trick is finding a great outfitter that offers both bird hunting and big game with equal expertise. Marcelo does it all; from free-range red stag in Patagonia and La Pampa to the best high-volume dove and duck shooting.

Click below and let's go do some great hunting together.

See you in Nashville,


South American Adventure Safaris

Fantastic new lodge. Life is short. Live first class.



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We posted this during COVID. All our #CBEO members were beat up  by the restrictions. We're back. 2024 felt like January of 2020 at the Dallas Safari Club Convention. We have 19 new outfitters to vet. Thank you all for your suggestions.

Connybear would like to compliment two in particular that stood their ground: Stanley Pieterse Safaris and Chico and Sons Safaris. A tip of the hat to both of you and your teams for standing tall. God bless you both. We're in your corner.