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South American Adventure Safaris

South America
South America

Argentina has one of the largest hunting industries on the planet, with many great outfitters. Marcelo Sodiro of South American Adventure Safaris is one of my favorites! Unlike many who specialize in either birds or big game, Sodiro does it all: The high-volume bird shooting Argentina is perhaps most famous for; some of the world’s best free-range red stag hunting; and the full range of Argentina’s extensive big-game list. Any combination is possible, and you can count on first-class accommodations and awesome hospitality. Do not count on losing any weight!

Top notch hunting lodges.

We will take care of your laundry so there is no need to pack a lot.

Internet and Electricity

Our lodges count with internet wireless service. Regarding electrical appliances, voltage on the premises is 220 Volt. Please note that Argentina has different plugs than USA & Europe, so it is recommended to bring an adapter.

Hunting seasons are which time of the year you will find which species to hunt.
Some more information here about why hunting seasons are important to consider before choosing your next hunting experience.


Weather Conditions

Species Hunted


Water Buffalo, Red Stag,


Water Buffalo, Red Stag


Water Buffalo, Axis Deer,



As to plains game, we suggest riffles such as 7 mm RM or 300 WM caliber, fitted with a good scope. For water buffalo we recommend 375 HH caliber or bigger. For birdshooting 20 Ga. semi-automatic models are specially recommended. South American Adventure Safaris will provide premium quality ammunitions in 12 or 20 Ga. For 16, 28 and 410 calibers, please, order them in advance.Ammunition, shells and cartridges will have to be packaged in a locked hard box that is kept separate from your registered firearm case.

Wine and Cuisine

Delicious cook will delight guests with typical Argentinean dishes as well as international cuisine, served with a selection of the finest Argentinean wines. Continental or American breakfast, 3-course-lunch and dinner are served.


Coming Soon.

"Marcelo Sodiro of South American Adventure Safaris is one of my favorites! Unlike many who specialize in either birds or big game, Sodiro does it all!"

Species Hunted
Axis Deer
Blackbuck Antelope
Brown Brocket Deer
European Fallow Deer
European Mouflon Sheep
European Red Stag
Fallow Deer
Feral Goat
Feral Hog
Feral Sheep
Four Horn Ram
Gray Brocket Deer
Mouflon Sheep
Moufflon Ram
Moufflon Sheep
Pere David's Deer
Red Deer
Red Stag Deer
Small Game
South American Whitetailed Deer
Water Buffalo
WhiteTail Deer
Wild Boar