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For those looking to hunt in Argentina, our website offers the best outfitters with access to the finest hunting grounds. Whether you're searching for the thrill of the chase in the mountains or a peaceful hunt in the grasslands, we'll match you with the perfect outfitter for your dream hunting adventure. Click the button below to start your search for the perfect hunt in Argentina.

Argentina is known for its abundant wildlife, including red stag, wild boar, and doves. Hunting in Argentina is highly regulated, with specific hunting seasons and limited quotas in place to ensure sustainability. The country also offers a variety of landscapes, from the Andes Mountains to the Pampas grasslands, providing a unique and diverse hunting experience.

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Legendary Big Game and Bird Hunting Safaris in Argentina with Marcelo Sodiro. Argentina has one of the largest hunting industries on the planet, with many great outfitters. Marcelo Sodiro of South American Adventure Safaris is one of my favorites!

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Red Stag, Water Buffalo, Wild Goat, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Black Buck and many more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes hunting in Argentina unique?

Argentina boasts a vast and diverse landscape, from the mountainous Andes to the expansive Pampas grasslands. This allows for a variety of game species and hunting experiences. The country is particularly famous for its bird hunting, especially doves and waterfowl.

2. Which game species are popularly hunted in Argentina?

Besides its world-renowned dove shooting, Argentina offers opportunities to hunt red stag, blackbuck, wild boar, puma, and various waterfowl species, among others.

3. When is the best time to hunt in Argentina?

While bird hunting is nearly year-round, the best time for big game hunting, like red stag, is during their rut in March and April. Waterfowl hunting is typically best from May to August.

4. Are there specific regulations for hunting in Argentina?

Yes, Argentina has its hunting regulations, which may vary by region. It's essential to be informed about bag limits, hunting seasons, and other regulations. Your outfitter will guide you on these.

5. How can Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitters assist me in hunting in Argentina?

CBEO has a curated list of top-tier hunting outfitters in Argentina. These outfitters have been vetted for their proficiency, local knowledge, and dedication to ethical hunting. We can guide you to the most suitable outfitter for your desired hunt.

6. How do I find a reputable outfitter in Argentina?

While there are numerous outfitters in Argentina, CBEO ensures you connect with the best. Our network consists of outfitters who meet our high standards for quality, ethics, and experience.

7. What gear is recommended for hunting in Argentina?

Depending on the hunt:

      - Shotgun for bird hunting, with appropriate ammunition.

      - Suitable caliber rifle for big game.

      - Durable, neutral-colored clothing adapted to the season.

      - Quality binoculars.

8. Can I combine different hunts in Argentina?

Yes, Argentina's diverse habitats and species mean you can often combine big game hunts with bird shooting, offering a well-rounded experience.

9. How do hunting practices in Argentina contribute to conservation?

Ethical hunting in Argentina aids local conservation by providing funds for habitat protection, species research, and anti-poaching measures. Many outfitters also engage in conservation initiatives.

10. I'm contemplating a hunting trip to Argentina. Can CBEO recommend an experienced outfitter in this region?

Absolutely! Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitters has ties with premier hunting operators in Argentina. With our recommendations, you're assured of a top-notch hunting adventure.