Classic African Hunting

Classic African Hunting


Zimbabwe is home to an elephant population estimated at 100,000 animals, with a threshold at 50,000, mostly in Hwange and the Zambezi Valley. Hunting of elephants is allowed along with lion and leopard.  Zimbabwean Leopards are well known for their size. There are also large herds of Buffalo in Zimbabwe and so this country offers the possibility to hunt four of the renowned “Big Five”.

Classic African Hunting has a combined excess of 60 years on the ground hunting experience. With Zimbabwe as their home, they are in the trenches and on the ground where the action happens.  Things work very differently in Africa and you need someone with local knowledge and expertise as to how things work.  Everything from attaining hunting licenses, best times to hunt, accessing hunting areas, suggested rifle calibers and the best location to secure the specie you desire.  When you go to Africa to have the hunt of a life time, you want it to run smoothly and be totally hassle free.  Classic African Hunting does just that for you.  Africa is their home and they are passionate about it.  They have the utmost respect for wild areas, wildlife that inhabit them and believe in ethical, fair chase hunting, miles from any fences.

Hunting seasons are which time of the year you will find which species to hunt.
Some more information here about why hunting seasons are important to consider before choosing your next hunting experience.


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