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Frontera Hunting

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North America

With hunting, comes a rich tradition of knowledge and skills being passed down from one generation to the next and the timeless bonding experiences that come to those on the hunt.

Private land. Prime Game.

Frontera Hunting has the rare privilege of operating on privately owned properties across the rural Central Coast of California. As a family operated business with multigenerational expertise in cattle and hunting, Frontera Hunting knows the indescribable value of preserving traditions and creating new ones.

These select properties offer a range of beautiful subregions filled with grain fields, vineyards, rolling hills, oak trees, sagebrush, and more. This diverse countryside creates the ultimate hunt providing plenty of hideaways for the wildlife as Frontera guides you to optimal opportunities for a successful hunt.

Responsible Management

With our land management, we ensure an enriching environment and have created numerous freshwater resources to sustain the several types of wildlife. The Frontera team prides themselves on respecting the land and sustaining ideal hunting grounds by properly tending to the land and managing the native wildlife. This core principle is carried out throughout everything we do while on and off the hunt.

Meet The Avilas

Born and raised on California’s Central Coast, Clay Avila started his business in 2014 for wild boar, turkey, deer, California dove, and exotic ram hunts.

Raised on a family owned and operated cattle ranch in San Ardo, hunting has always been in Clay’s heritage. He grew up helping around the ranch and tending to the land’s needs and wildlife. In his early teens, Clay began hunting and honing his craft with family by his side.

Today, Clay and his wife Brooke enjoys creating enjoyable and memorable hunting experiences for all levels of skilled hunters through Frontera Hunting.

Getting to do what we love every day, is what it’s all about. We always do our best to provide an honest and memorable hunt for our guests. And above all else, have a great time!!” – Clay Avila

Hunting seasons are which time of the year you will find which species to hunt.
Some more information here about why hunting seasons are important to consider before choosing your next hunting experience.


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Marlin, Striped
Marlin, Blue
Marlin, Black
Rooster Fish
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