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Whether you prefer rifle, black powder, or bow hunting; Love Bros & Lee offers hunts for Mountain Goat, Canada moose, black bear and wolf. Mountain Grizzly and Stone sheep are available by special arrangement. You can't go wrong with Ron and Brenda! #CBEO

Love Bros & Lee have guided hunters and fly fishers from around the world – they come as clients and leave as friends. Love Bros & Lee has been operating on the headwaters of the Finlay River for over 50 years and they offer some of the best fly fishing and hunting in the world.

Situated on nearly 3000 sq. miles of pristine wilderness in the heart of northwestern British Columbia, Canada you're sure to have a truly WILD experience while still experiencing the comforts of a well maintained camp with an exceptional crew.

1. **Hotel Reservations in Smithers:**

The outfitter arranges hotel reservations in Smithers for the night prior to the start of the trip and the night of the final day. Extra days can also be accommodated if desired.

2. **Remote Camps:**

The outfitter operates eight remote camps situated along the banks of picturesque lakes and rivers. These camps are located 165+ air miles north of Smithers and are accessible only by floatplane. The flights to and from the camps provide breathtaking views of rugged and untracked North American wilderness.

3. **Cabins:**

Upon arrival, guests are provided with rustic yet comfortable log or frame cabins. These cabins come equipped with wood-fired heaters to keep you warm in the wilderness.

4. **Outdoor Facilities:**

The camps are equipped with outdoor facilities, ensuring a genuine outdoor experience while maintaining essential amenities.

5. **Heated Shower House:**

The camps feature a heated shower house, allowing guests to enjoy hot showers even in remote locations. The "river" of water ensures a refreshing and comfortable bathing experience.

6. **Personal Gear Only:**

Guests need only bring their personal gear, hunting/fishing equipment, and sleeping bags. The outfitter takes care of the rest, ensuring a hassle-free and comfortable stay.


1. **Homecooked Meals:**

The outfitter offers hearty, homecooked meals as part of the daily menu. These meals are prepared with care and feature a variety of delicious options.

2. **Varied Menu:**

Guests can look forward to a diverse menu that includes hotcakes, bacon, eggs, homemade bread, fresh vegetables, fruits, tender roasts with gravy, and sinful desserts.

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Hunting seasons are which time of the year you will find which species to hunt.
Some more information here about why hunting seasons are important to consider before choosing your next hunting experience.


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1. **Experience and Reputation:**

- Guiding hunters and fly fishers from around the world.

- Establishing strong client relationships, with clients becoming friends.

- Operating for over 50 years on the headwaters of the Finlay River.

2. **Location and Wilderness:**

- Offering fly fishing and hunting in nearly 3000 sq. miles of pristine wilderness.

- Located in the heart of northwestern British Columbia, Canada.

- Remote area accessible only by floatplane, 165 - 185 air miles north of Smithers.

- Charter flight included in hunt or fly fishing trip rate.

3. **Hunting Opportunities:**

- Providing hunting opportunities for various species: Western Canada Moose, Mountain Goat, Mountain Caribou, Black Bear, and Wolf.

- Special arrangements available for hunting Stone Sheep.

- Options for rifle, black powder, or bow hunting.

4. **Fly Fishing Bonus:**

- Based on famous fly fishing streams and lakes.

- Exclusive area with the first camp built on the Firesteel River.

- Ideal for wild rainbow angling.

5. **Seasons and Group Size:**

- Fishing and wilderness trips in July and August.

- Prime sheep hunting in August.

- Hunting season for various species from mid-August to mid-October.

- Catering to small groups of about three or four hunters or fishermen.

- Personalized service with experienced guides.

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