Michel Mantheakis Safaris

Michel Mantheakis Safaris


"I first hunted with Michel Mantheakis back in 1988, and have considered him like my little brother ever since. A fourth-generation Tanzanian, Michel knows his country and its game, and his camps are traditional and extremely comfortable East African safari camps."

I first hunted with Michel Mantheakis back in 1988, and have considered him like my little brother ever since. He is a hunter’s hunter, extremely capable and knowledgeable, a fine judge of trophy quality, and one of the best I’ve ever seen at hunting both leopard and lion. A good PH is always mandatory for a good safari, but in Tanzania hunting areas are really important. Michel has one of the very best Masailand concessions, offering the full range of “Masailand species;” and an exceptional block in western Tanzania for lion and the more southern species. Equally important: Michel looks after his areas, investing heavily in antipoaching and community projects.

Michel Mantheakis Safaris Ltd (MMS), is a family owned company established in 2010 and operated by my wife Nicole and myself and our professional management team.

With over 36 years of Professional hunting experience and over 27 years of owning and operating one of the top quality hunting companies in Tanzania, we offer you not only the best of Big Game Western Tanzania in our Lukwati South Game Reserve concession, but also a wide selection of Masai species in our Longido GCA concession.

The combination of applying my academic background in Zoology and Wildlife Science with my passion for hunting, our dedication to conservation, 36-years of reputable hunting experience in Tanzania and determined anti-poaching and efficient administration, has quickly established us in the forefront of the Tanzanian hunting industry.

In order to present our clients with the best possible trophy opportunities and maximum luxury safari experience, we applied our signature approach of combining maximum anti-poaching effort with a sustainable and minimum number of safaris, while opening lots of new roads to access new, untouched hunting grounds and trophies to ensure optimum results for our clients. Not only do these strategies improve the wildlife population and its habitat in our concessions, but also improve the trophy quality and hunting success rate. In just 10 years of dedicated full-time anti-poaching in our Lukwati South Game Reserve concession, and 6 years in Longido, the results are phenomenal; the success of our safaris surpassed our expectations and the increase of game in our concessions is heartwarming.

By promoting ethical and sustainable hunting, together with strong conservation orientation, determined anti-poaching and tangible Community benefits, we attract the more discerning hunters. Those who care about conservation and prefer to hunt with an outfitter who not only works tirelessly to get great trophies, but one who also truly believes in and practices conservation rather than just claiming to.

Anybody can offer you a trophy hunt, but only a few will offer you that great trophy hunt. The kind that gives you that memorable safari experience and heartwarming satisfaction of knowing you spent your money wisely, while at the same time investing in the future survival of African wildlife and the sport you so cherish: hunting.

We warmly welcome you to the Africa of your dreams.

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