European Beaver

European Beavers are large semi-aquatic rodents found throughout Europe and northern Asia. They are known for their ability to construct dams and lodges, and their large flat tails. European Beavers feed on aquatic vegetation and are found in wetlands, marshes, and lakes.

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European Beaver

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If you're looking for a hunting experience that's both challenging and rewarding, European Beaver hunts are the perfect way to go! Our outfitters offer top-notch European Beaver hunts in some of the best hunting areas in Europe and northern Asia. With expert guidance and the right equipment, you can have a great time pursuing these elusive and challenging animals. Click the button below to view our selection of European Beaver hunting outfitters and start planning your next hunt today!

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European Beaver

Capra Adventures

You will hunt on the roof of Europe in the midst of the most popular and famous mountains of Switzerland up to 15,091 feet (4,600 meters) above sea level. The pictures of your hunting trip will be magnificent.

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Latvian Safari Club Ltd

For more than 20 years, we have been working only with trustworthy and accredited cooperation partners to provide high quality hunting and full service for hunters.

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