Big Game Hunting in

South America

The Amazon's depth, the Andean heights, the vast pampas - South America’s contrasts offer unique hunts. Let Craig Boddington’s endorsed outfitters, with their rich tapestry of South American adventures, guide you through its untamed terrains.

  • Stalk elusive targets: Jaguars, Red Deer, and Pumas.
  • Navigate hunting adventures with Craig's intimate knowledge of the continent.
  • Dive deep into South America's rich biodiversity and hunting traditions.

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South American Adventure Safaris
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South America

Legendary Big Game and Bird Hunting Safaris in Argentina with Marcelo Sodiro. Argentina has one of the largest hunting industries on the planet, with many great outfitters. Marcelo Sodiro of South American Adventure Safaris is one of my favorites!

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Red Stag, Water Buffalo, Wild Goat, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Black Buck and many more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which game species are native and exclusive to South America?  

South America boasts an array of unique species, including the elusive jaguar in some regions, red brocket deer, collared peccary, various species of capybara, and waterfowl. Additionally, there are introduced species like wild boar and several deer varieties which have established populations.

How does Craig Boddington determine which outfitters in South America to endorse?  

Craig's endorsements are based on a comprehensive evaluation, which includes the outfitter's expertise in the region, ethical hunting practices, conservation efforts, and personal experience with them. Only those who exemplify the highest standards in all these areas earn Craig's recommendation.

Is hunting in the Amazon Rainforest allowed?  

While the Amazon Rainforest is a rich biodiverse area, hunting is strictly regulated to protect its fragile ecosystem. Hunting in the rainforest is only allowed for indigenous communities and in some cases in rural communities where hunters need to feed their families. It's crucial to work with an outfitter who is familiar with local regulations and conservation goals to ensure a responsible and legal hunting experience.

What unique challenges do the varied terrains of South America present to hunters?  

From the dense rainforests of the Amazon to the towering Andes Mountains and vast grasslands of the Pampas, each terrain offers unique challenges. Adapting to the altitude, humidity, and diverse ecosystems will test a hunter's skills and endurance.

What are the primary hunting seasons in South America?  

Hunting seasons vary depending on the country and the species targeted. Many regions have specific windows for hunting, often during the Southern Hemisphere's autumn and winter months. It's essential to consult with your outfitter for the exact timings.

Is bird hunting popular in South America?  

Yes, South America is renowned for its dove, pigeon, and waterfowl hunting, particularly in countries like Argentina and Uruguay, which are often considered world-class destinations for bird hunters.

What safety measures should hunters consider when exploring South America's wilderness?  

South America's diverse habitats may host potentially dangerous wildlife and insects. It's crucial to be prepared with appropriate clothing, repellents, and vaccines. Staying informed about regional challenges, like altitude sickness in the Andes, will ensure a safe hunting trip.

With such diverse ecosystems, how can I make the most out of my South American hunting expedition?  

To fully embrace the South American experience, consider multi-region hunts or adding eco-tourism activities to your trip. This will allow you to witness the continent's vast biodiversity and cultural richness alongside your hunting adventure.

What languages and cultural considerations should hunters be aware of in South America?  

While Spanish and Portuguese are the predominant languages, many outfitters will speak English. However, understanding some local customs and basic language phrases can enhance the hunting experience and foster positive interactions with local communities.

Are there any endemic species in South America that are off-limits to hunters?  

Yes, while South America is home to various game species, certain animals are protected due to their conservation status. Always consult with your outfitter to ensure that your target species is legally and ethically huntable in the chosen region.

The CBEO Experience

At Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitters, we value transparency, integrity, and the absolute best in hunting experiences. We believe that each hunt is more than just a price tag - it's a personalized journey for every hunter while we cannot list specific prices like the impersonal hunting directories out there you may have seen, we want to emphasize that we hand-pick outfitters known for their impeccable service, expert knowledge, and fair pricing. We understand that a hunt is an investment and we are committed to ensuring our clients get the best possible return - in experience, satisfaction, and the thrill of the hunt.

What Does the CBEO Endorsement Mean?
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  • Endorsement by Craig Boddington, a hunting legend with over four decades of experience in outdoor journalism, is a testament to the quality and reliability of the hunting outfitter.
  • Our boots on the ground vetting means each endorsed outfitter is ensured to offer top-notch, expert knowledge, and a high standard of animal welfare and conservation.
  • Craig's endorsement are not influenced by sponsorships or partnerships. They are solely based on Craig's honest, personal experience and assessment.
  • Craig's endorsement outfitters understand that pricing is more than just a cost - it's the value you receive from a meticulously planned and executed hunt.
Booking and Pricing:
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  • We connect you with the outfitter directly for pricing and details. This ensures a personalized service tailored to your specific needs and expectations.
  • We ensure that all pricing is fair, competitive, and representative of the top-tier service offered by our endorsed outfitters.
  • By dealing directly with the outfitter, you avoid any third-party fees or commissions.
  • We are not a booking agency and accept no commissions. This means there is NO MARKUP on your hunt.
At CBEO, we're here to guide you to the right outfitter for your next great hunt. It's about more than cost - it's about Trust, Trophy Quality, Safety, and Your Reputation.