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Alaska Summit Guide Service

North America
North America

Scott McRae owns Alaska Summit Guide Service. Of his 25 plus years as a guide, 20 of those were spent guiding in Alaska. His love of sharing the Alaskan experience with hunters is clear in the memorable and personal style of outfitting. The history of Alaskan Navies, pioneers, trappers and explorers is shared during the hunt and Scott is happy to bring along some of his library if a hunter is interested in reading about Alaska during downtime. His hunts occur in three main areas: Western Alaska Range, Eastern Chugach Mountains and the Copper River Delta.

Alaska Summit Guide Service cares about theof the future of wildlife and wild places. They practic low-impact camping and leave-no-trace ethics. Scott is involved in game management and is committed to ethical hunting. He's an avid hunter himself.

Alaska Summit Guide Services holds 2  Special Use Forest Service permits in a Chugach mountains and east of Cordova.

Hunting seasons are which time of the year you will find which species to hunt.
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