Brown Bear

Brown Bears are native to the northern hemisphere and can be found in North America, Europe, and Asia. They are known for their distinctive fur, which can range from light brown to almost black in color, as well as their large size and powerful build. Brown Bears are omnivores and feed on a variety of foods, including berries, fruits, roots, insects, small mammals, and fish. They are also known for their aggressive behavior and strength, making them a popular target for hunters.

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Brown Bear

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For an unforgettable hunting experience, consider a brown bear hunt! Our outfitters offer the best brown bear hunts in North America, Europe, and Asia. With expert guidance and the right preparation, you can experience the thrill of a successful brown bear hunt. Click the button below to view our selection of brown bear hunting outfitters and start planning your next adventure!

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Brown Bear

Alaska Summit Guide Service

Scott McRae owns Alaska Summit Guide Service. Of his 25 plus years as a guide, 20 of those were spent guiding in Alaska.

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Shikar Safaris

Based in Turkey, Shikar Safaris has been in continuous operation since 1996, and I’ve known its founder and owner, Kaan Karakaya, since he first started. Turkey is, of course, a very important hunting country. Shikar Safaris is the largest outfitter in Turkey, controlling a majority of the permits in the finest areas.

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Mountain Monarchs of Alaska LLC

A hunt with Mountain Monarchs is a once in a lifetime true Alaska wilderness experience. We will take you to the heart of Big Game Country, where you will stay in remote wilderness camps.

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K&K Premium Jagd GmbH

K&K Premium Hunting - Your partner for exclusive hunting tours and safaris worldwide

Deer, Ibex, Boar, Blesbok, Baboon, Pig, Impala, Fox, chamois and more.
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