Safari” is the Swahili word for “journey,” while “shikar” is the Asian equivalent, with the same centuries-old connotation of hunting adventure. Shikar Safaris provides exactly that—hunting adventure—and a whole lot more, now operating in some 18 countries throughout Eurasia. Based in Turkey, Shikar Safaris has been in continuous operation since 1996, and I’ve known its founder and owner, Kaan Karakaya, since he first started. Turkey is, of course, a very important hunting country. Shikar Safaris is the largest outfitter in Turkey, controlling a majority of the permits in the finest areas. I’ve hunted with them several times in Turkey, consistently superb hunts, and I’ve hunted with them in several other countries for some of Asia’s most difficult species. Arrangements have always been excellent, with good interpreters and no problems. Shikar Safaris has been at the forefront of conservation in several key Asian areas, including the markhor recovery project in Pakistan’s Torghar Hills and pioneering community-based conservation initiatives in Mongolia’s argali range. Few outfitters in the world have been as generous in their support of pro-hunting conservation organizations, including Dallas Safari Club, Safari Club International, Wild Sheep Foundation, the National Rifle Association of America, and many others. As they say, Once Shikar, Always Shikar…I look forward to many more trips with them.

1. **Expertise and Experience**:

With over 20 years of experience, Hikar Safaris is a trusted name in organizing Shikar hunts in Asia and Europe. Their extensive experience ensures that you're guided by knowledgeable professionals throughout your adventure.

2. **Highly Skilled Staff**:

Hikar Safaris has assembled a team of highly skilled and professional staff at each camp, airport, and city to ensure a seamless and memorable hunting experience.

3. **Variety of Destinations**:

Hikar Safaris offers hunts in various captivating locations, including the Taurus Mountains of the Mediterranean, the Mercan Mountains of Eastern Anatolia, and the Kackar Mountains of the Black Sea region. Each destination offers a unique hunting experience.

4. **Support for Conservation Organizations**:

Hikar Safaris is dedicated to conservation efforts and supports organizations such as Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club, Wild Sheep Foundation, Grand Slam Club Ovis, NRA, Weatherby Foundation International, Shikar-Safari Club, Conklin Foundation, and Conservation Force.

5. **World Record Trophies**:

Hikar Safaris proudly boasts over 3500 successful hunts, with many hunters achieving World Record trophies under their guidance.

6. **Hunting Opportunities**:

Hikar Safaris provides hunting opportunities for a diverse range of species, including Anatolian Ibex, Anatolian Chamois, Anatolian (Konya) Sheep, East Anatolian (Armenian) Sheep, Mid Asian Brown Bear, Anatolian Wild Boar, Anatolian Red Deer, Roe Deer, Gazelle, Wolf, and Lynx.

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1. **Established Expertise:**

Proudly outfitting since 1996, Shikar Safaris brings years of experience in organizing adventurous hunting experiences in the mountains, forests, and plains of Asia.

2. **Shikar Tradition:**

Shikar is the Asian equivalent of African Safaris. The outfitter emphasizes the rich history of classic "Shikar" experiences, with the iconic tiger hunt in India being a highlight.

3. **Variety of Game:**

Today, the Asian region offers diverse hunting opportunities that rival Africa. The outfitter highlights the unique game available across the region, promising some of the most adventurous hunting experiences on Earth.

4. **Eurasian Presence:**

Based in Turkey, Shikar Safaris has been organizing hunts in Eurasia-Asia and Europe for 18 years. Their extensive experience and presence in various destinations ensure well-organized hunting trips.

5. **Conservation Commitment:**

The outfitter is actively involved in conservation efforts, including community-based programs and game department support in countries like Turkey, Mongolia, and Pakistan. Their goal is to enhance wildlife and hunting opportunities.

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