Konya Sheep

Konya Sheep are a species of wild sheep found in the mountain ranges of central Turkey. They are known for their large, spiraled horns and their shaggy coats, and they are prized by hunters for their beauty and rarity. Konya Sheep feed on a variety of vegetation, including grasses and leaves, and they are active both day and night. They are a challenging target for hunters, due to their elusive nature and the rugged terrain of their habitats.

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Konya Sheep

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Join us for a Konya Sheep hunting adventure in the mountains of central Turkey. Our expert guides will lead you to some of the best hunting grounds in the region, and provide you with the equipment and skills you need to make your hunt a success. Book your Konya Sheep hunt today and add this rare and magnificent sheep to your trophy collection.

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Konya Sheep

Shikar Safaris

Based in Turkey, Shikar Safaris has been in continuous operation since 1996, and I’ve known its founder and owner, Kaan Karakaya, since he first started. Turkey is, of course, a very important hunting country. Shikar Safaris is the largest outfitter in Turkey, controlling a majority of the permits in the finest areas.

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