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K&K Premium Hunting - Your partner for exclusive hunting tours and safaris worldwide

Since several years we offer worldwide destinations in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe – trophy hunts and driven hunts for hoofed species as well as traditional wing shooting.

Over the years and due to long-term relationships from prior professional engagements, we have carefully selected a number of reliable and success proven partners, most of whom are the very best in their field of hunting and have become personal friends over the years.

No matter if it´s a traditional African Big Game safari or a demanding mountain hunt in the Alps we are happy to organize this hunt for you and make your dreams come true. In addition to our worldwide activities we have positioned Germany as a big game destination in Europe and offer top-quality hunts in private as well as state-owned estates throughout the country. Our guests come from Germany, Scandinavia, Great Britain, the Benelux countries as well as Austria, Switzerland, Russia, South Africa and the United States.

We concentrate on trophy hunting and driven hunts for red deer, sika deer, fallow deer and mouflon as well as wild boar, chamois and roe deer.

All these species are freely roaming in Germany and neighbouring countries, such as Hungary, Poland, Spain, Scotland, Sweden and Turkey. In particular, driven wild boar hunts have increasingly turned out to be very popular, so this has become one of our expertises. We are the first company to organize a driven hunt on 20 game species in South Africa. For further information have a look at our Youtube chanel.

German hunting traditions connote ethical hunting. All our hunts in Germany are personally attended by us, so we are approachable to serve your needs. Our trophy hunts are individually planned and conducted for the single hunter, whereas our driven hunts are tailor-made for groups from 8 to 25 hunters. Driven hunts are normally organised over two days and comprise one to three drives per day.

Corporate events have become a speciality, so we offer driven hunts or wing shooting on noble estates and arrange dinner parties or evenings in castles. The historic rooms of these privately owned houses have their own atmosphere, and our partners are happy to welcome our guests into their homes - that is unique.

Please call us or send us an email. We will respond promptly and look forward to be able to assist you in planning and carrying out your hunting trip.

Certainly, here are the accommodations provided by K&K Premium Hunting outfitter that you can list on your website to introduce your readers to their services:

1. **Exclusive Hunting Tours and Safaris Worldwide:**

K&K Premium Hunting offers a wide range of hunting tours and safaris across the globe, allowing hunters to explore diverse hunting opportunities and experiences in different countries and continents.

2. **German Hunting Tradition:**

With roots in the German hunting tradition, K&K Premium Hunting brings a rich heritage and expertise to their hunting experiences. They combine this heritage with a passion for ethical hunting practices and wildlife conservation.

3. **Carefully Selected Hunting Areas:**

K&K ensures that all hunting areas and hunts are personally checked by their own employees. They only collaborate with trusted partners and outfitters to provide top-quality hunting opportunities in selected federal, state, and private forests in Germany and beyond.

4. **Personalized Customer Care:**

K&K's customer-oriented approach guarantees exceptional care for their guests. They offer personalized services, ensuring that each hunting event is accompanied and supervised by their experienced staff, creating a strong sense of community among like-minded hunters.

5. **Variety of Game:**

Whether you're interested in autumnal and winter-driven hunts for boars, rutting red stags, sika, fallow, chamois, or other game species, K&K Premium Hunting has a wide range of hunting areas and experiences tailored to your preferences.

6. **International Hunting Opportunities:**

K&K offers a diverse selection of international hunts, partnering with experienced outfitters and organizers across different countries. From Scotland to Spain, from Alaska to Turkey, they provide a global range of hunting experiences, including mountain hunting and plains game hunting.

7. **Sustainable Hunting Practices:**

K&K is committed to sustainable hunting practices that contribute to environmental and species protection. They emphasize the responsible use of renewable game resources and ensure the complete utilization of harvested game.

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1. **Established Tradition and Focus:**

Founded in 2005, K&K Premium Hunting draws on the rich German hunting tradition. Initially centered on Germany, the company's focus has expanded to offer hunts globally.

2. **Quality Assurance:**

K&K only offers hunting areas and experiences verified by their own team. This commitment ensures customers enjoy premium and safe hunting environments.

3. **Customer-Centric Approach:**

Known for exceptional customer care, K&K sets industry standards by prioritizing the satisfaction and needs of their guests. This has earned them a loyal customer base over the years.

4. **Strong Hunting Community:**

Emphasizing camaraderie among like-minded hunters, K&K creates a strong sense of community during their hunting events.

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