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A hunt with Mountain Monarchs is a once in a lifetime true Alaska wilderness experience. We will take you to the heart of Big Game Country, where you will stay in remote wilderness camps. We offer several different hunting experiences including Spring and Fall Brown Bear, Arctic Grizzly, Dall Sheep, Caribou, and Moose. There are often opportunities to fish and hunt other game as well. We respect the wildlife, the land, and each other. As a result we hunt hard, have fun, and enjoy a high hunting success rate.

Mountain Monarchs owner Dave Leonard has over 40 years of guide experience. Dave came to Alaska in 1974 at the age of 17 to work as a packer/wrangler in the Wrangell Mountains. It only took one season to plant the "Alaskan Bug" deep in Dave's blood. After returning to Georgia to finish out his senior year of high school, he returned to Alaska and as they say, the rest is history. After acquiring his Assistant Guides license in 1976, his Registered Guides License in 1981, he continued to work for many legendary Alaskan Outfitters throughout all corners of the State. Finally in 1985 Dave started Mountain Monarchs of Alaska with his wife Suzanne and they are still running it with enthusiasm and energy to this day. Dave acquired his commercial pilots license in 1982 and since has accrued over 14,000 hours flying in the Alaskan Bush, mostly all in a Piper Super Cub. Dave does the large majority of the flying and is as safe and talented a pilot as they come. He knows the Alaska wilderness, Alaska game, and the remote terrain where you will be hunting. Each of our guides have been handpicked by Dave to guarantee you a once in a life-time, high quality hunting experience. Mountain Monarchs holds two Federal Guide Concessions on the Alaskan Peninsula within the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge which encompasses the best Brown Bear denning habitat in the world along with a healthy and trophy filled caribou herd. In the Brooks Range, Mountain Monarchs holds the State Land concession for our Dall's Sheep, Alaskan Moose, and Grizzly Bear hunting. This is a historic area for mixed bag hunting and they are fortunate to have very little other hunting pressure from other guides or resident hunters.

For our Peninsula hunts, we based out of the legendary David River Bear Camp.
Once you've arrived, enjoy comfortable heated cabins situated around the kitchen and dining facilities. Share camaraderie while feasting on home cooked meals. Power and hot showers are available at the beginning and end of the hunt - all within a 35-minute flight of your spike camp in prime Brown Bear and Caribou country. While base camp is plenty comfortable, it is not a Lodge. It was established as a wall tent camp in 1971 and has evolved into numerous comfortable cabins situated around our own airstrip.
When weather allows, you will be loaded in one of our Bush Planes and be shuttled out to your camp. Established campsites are in key positions that have been proven over the past 40 years to produce monster bears and caribou. Premium glassing knobs are located within close walking distance to each camp location. This ensures the least amount of walking and dispersal of scent as possible. Lots of glassing, awareness of the wind, and patience are key to Alaskan hunting. Although you may not have to walk much each day, once you and your guide find a mature animal to stalk, you may be required to cover up to a few miles in order to "cut off" and harvest your animal. Arriving in the best possible physical shape will only increase your chances of success. We recommend each hunter prepare months in advance with a workout and diet regimen to maximize your ability and chance of harvest.  
Each will camp normally consists of two 8x8 or larger Expedition-grade dome tents: 1 for cooking & relaxing in and 1 for sleeping and gear storage. Each camp is provided with cots, sleeping pads, warm sleeping bags, a table, chairs, lantern, heater and lots of good food along with a skilled and personable guide. Satellite phones are in each camp and your guide is on a daily check-in schedule with the base camp. Camps can be re-supplied and even relocated if need be.
For some fall brown bear and caribou hunts, we conduct them directly from our David Rive Base Camp and access to the hunting grounds each day is accomplished via 4 wheeler and we return each night to your cabin for a hot meal and warm cot at night.

For our hunts in the Brooks Range, based out of Bettles Field, all hunting is accomplished from Spike Camps placed by airplane or Jet Boat.
Our Dall Sheep hunts are all backpack style hunts. From Bettles you will be flown out to a base camp in close proximity to where trophy rams have been located. There we will set up a camp consisting bomb shelter style tents. Home cooked meals around or over the camp fire in the old traditional way. Heat, tables, chairs, plenty of food, and enough creature comforts to enjoy without losing the feel of being in the mountains. Good grayling fishing and gold panning is usually available near camp. These camps are normally located anywhere from 1000' - 1500' MSL. You will then hike up into sheep country and set up a small spike camp. After hiking up into sheep country (3500' - 5500'), a spike camp is set up close enough to access the rams easily but not too close to spook them. These camps consist of lightweight expedition-grade backpack tents, backpacking stoves, freeze dried food, other high energy snacks, sleeping bags and pads, along with your rifle and basic personal gear. You will, in most cases, share a tent with your guide but a personal tent can be arranged if need be.

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Hunting seasons are which time of the year you will find which species to hunt.
Some more information here about why hunting seasons are important to consider before choosing your next hunting experience.


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1. **Alaska's Premier Hunting Experience:**

Mountain Monarchs offers a unique and unforgettable Alaska wilderness hunting experience that is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

2. **Diverse Hunting Opportunities:**

They provide several different hunting experiences, including Spring and Fall Brown Bear, Arctic Grizzly, Dall Sheep, Caribou, and Moose. Additionally, there are often chances to fish and hunt other game species.

3. **Remote Wilderness Camps:**

Hunters stay in remote wilderness camps, immersing themselves in the heart of Big Game Country, ensuring an authentic and rugged experience.

4. **Respect for Wildlife and Environment:**

Mountain Monarchs emphasizes a deep respect for wildlife, the land, and each other. This commitment contributes to their high hunting success rate.

5. **Experienced Owner and Guides:**

Owner Dave Leonard boasts over 40 years of guide experience and an extensive knowledge of Alaska's diverse species and habitats. Each hunting guide is handpicked to ensure a once-in-a-lifetime Alaska hunting experience.

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