Caribou, also known as reindeer, are the only deer species in which both males and females grow antlers. These magnificent creatures can be found in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia. Their thick fur, broad hooves, and large antlers make them well adapted to survive in harsh and challenging environments.

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If you are looking for a thrilling hunting experience, a caribou hunt is the perfect adventure! Our outfitters offer exciting and rewarding caribou hunts throughout the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions, where you will get the chance to hunt these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats. With expert guidance and the right preparation, you can experience the thrill of a successful caribou hunt. Click the button below to view our selection of caribou hunting outfitters and start planning your next adventure!

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Passion & Prey European Hunting Services

Laszlo Albert is a passionate hunter and enthusiastic nature lover who advocates for ethical and sustainable hunting.

Red stag, Roe buck, Ibex, Buffalo, Duck, Geese
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Mountain Monarchs of Alaska LLC

A hunt with Mountain Monarchs is a once in a lifetime true Alaska wilderness experience. We will take you to the heart of Big Game Country, where you will stay in remote wilderness camps.

Bear, sheep, Salmon, Moose, Duck, Caribou, Porcupine, Fox, Wolf, Waterfowl
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The Icelandic Hunting Club

The Icelandic Hunting Club was founded by Björn Birgisson in 1994, and has an international reputation as Iceland´s premier hunting outfitter.

Fox, Geese, Duck, Caribou, Duck, Deer, Seabirds, Puffin, Waterfowl, Ox
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