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The Icelandic Hunting Club

The Icelandic Hunting Club was founded by Björn Birgisson in 1994, and has an international reputation as Iceland´s premier hunting outfitter.

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Fox, Geese, Duck, Caribou, Duck, Deer, Seabirds, Puffin, Waterfowl, Ox
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What species can be hunted in Iceland?

Iceland offers hunting opportunities for species such as reindeer, ptarmigan, and a variety of seabirds.

2. When does the hunting season start in Iceland?

The hunting season in Iceland varies depending on the species. Reindeer season typically starts in August, while ptarmigan hunting usually starts in late September.

3. What kind of environment can hunters expect in Iceland?

Expect a range of environments, from lava fields and mountainous terrains to coastal areas. Each offers a unique hunting experience.

4. Can Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitters help me find an outfitter in Iceland?

Yes, we can recommend outfitters who specialize in Icelandic hunts, making your trip both safe and rewarding.

5. How accessible are hunting locations in Iceland?

While some hunting locations can be accessed by vehicle, others may require a hike or a boat ride, so be prepared for a bit of adventure.

6. What is the best time to hunt in Iceland?

The best time to hunt depends on the species you are targeting. For reindeer, late summer to early fall is generally best.

7. What equipment should I bring for a hunting trip in Iceland?

Waterproof gear is a must, given Iceland's variable weather. A good pair of hiking boots is also essential, along with your preferred firearm or bow.

8. How challenging are the hunts in Iceland?

The level of challenge can vary depending on the species and the location. Reindeer hunts, for instance, can be physically demanding due to the rugged terrain.

9. Can I combine my hunting trip with other outdoor activities?

Absolutely. Iceland is famous for its natural beauty, so you can easily combine your hunting trip with activities like fishing, hiking, or sightseeing.

10. I am keen on hunting reindeer. Can Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitters recommend a specialized outfitter for this in Iceland?

Certainly! We have partnerships with exceptional outfitters who are experts in reindeer hunts in Iceland, ensuring you have a fulfilling and successful experience.