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Passion & Prey European Hunting Services

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Laszlo Albert is a passionate hunter and enthusiastic nature lover who advocates for ethical and sustainable hunting.  He was born and grew up in Hungary, in the communist era, when hunting was a privilege of the well-connected members of the Communist Party. He wasn't lucky enough to be born into a hunting family. But, he found his own way to pursue  his dream of hunting. His journey began slingshotting birds as a kid, to hunting and traveling the globe for prestigious trophy animals over the past thirty years. During these decades he earned a certificate in wild game management, led a youth forest camp and operated lodges and hunting camps for 15 years in Hungary.

Albert moved to Newfoundland, Canada in 2012.

At Passion and Prey, their true passion is sharing the ancient human heritage of hunting in the world's most beautiful places.

For hunters looking for a quality experience with wold-class red stag, fallow buck, roe buck, mouflon, wild boar, traditional or driven wingshooting and waterfowl packages: HUNGARY is the place to go and Passion and Prey is the outfit to go with.

1. **Premier Hunting Destination:**

Hungary is a top choice for passionate hunters, offering guided hunting trips in the beautiful homeland of the founder and CEO, Laszlo Albert.

2. **World-Famous Big Game Population:**

Hungary's careful game management, genetics, and habitat have led to a renowned big game population. The country boasts numerous CIC and SCI big game trophy world records.

3. **Abundant Harvest:**

Annually, around 350,000 big game animals are harvested, with foreign hunters contributing to 30,000 of this number. Additionally, approximately 1,000,000 small game animals are harvested each year.

4. **Growing Tourist Interest:**

Hungary's natural beauty, rich history, hospitality, 1000-year-old culture, and renowned cuisine attract hunting tourists from across the globe.

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Hunting seasons are which time of the year you will find which species to hunt.
Some more information here about why hunting seasons are important to consider before choosing your next hunting experience.


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1. **Comprehensive Client Service:**

Our dedicated staff takes care of all aspects, from pre-hunt planning to post-hunt tasks, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. This allows you to focus solely on enjoying the hunt.

2. **Traditional Fair Chase Hunting:**

We emphasize traditional, fair chase hunting methods and ceremonies, preserving the integrity of the hunting experience while respecting the game and its environment.

3. **Respectful Game Management:**

We guarantee sustainable game management practices, contributing to the maintenance of majestic wild game populations and the overall ecosystem.

4. **Breathtaking Landscapes:**

Our hunting grounds feature stunning landscapes that serve as the backdrop to your hunting adventure, providing a truly immersive experience.

5. **Legendary Hospitality:**

Our commitment to hospitality is legendary. You can expect warm and genuine service throughout your trip.

6. **Culinary Excellence:**

Our culinary offerings are excellent, with homemade food that adds to the overall enjoyment of your stay.

7. **High Success Rates:**

We specialize in pursuing trophy game animals in Europe's most prestigious hunting grounds, ensuring high success rates for our hunters.

8. **Estate and Fenced Hunting:**

For those with limited time, we offer estate and fenced hunting options, allowing you to make the most of your hunting experience.

9. **Multiple Trophy Opportunities:**

Guests have the opportunity to upgrade their hunting experience by shooting 2nd and 3rd trophy animals within the range of available species and season.

10. **Traditional Archery and Muzzleloader Hunting:**

We welcome traditional archery hunters and are proud to offer traditional muzzleloader hunting, providing a unique and historical hunting experience.

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