Passion & Prey European Hunting Services

Passion & Prey European Hunting Services


Laszlo Albert is a passionate hunter and enthusiastic nature lover who advocates for ethical and sustainable hunting.  He was born and grew up in Hungary, in the communist era, when hunting was a privilege of the well-connected members of the Communist Party. He wasn't lucky enough to be born into a hunting family. But, he found his own way to pursue  his dream of hunting. His journey began slingshotting birds as a kid, to hunting and traveling the globe for prestigious trophy animals over the past thirty years. During these decades he earned a certificate in wild game management, led a youth forest camp and operated lodges and hunting camps for 15 years in Hungary.

Albert moved to Newfoundland, Canada in 2012.

At Passion and Prey, their true passion is sharing the ancient human heritage of hunting in the world's most beautiful places.

For hunters looking for a quality experience with wold-class red stag, fallow buck, roe buck, mouflon, wild boar, traditional or driven wingshooting and waterfowl packages: HUNGARY is the place to go and Passion and Prey is the outfit to go with.

On request, we guide milti-species-multic-county trips and hunting vacations across Europe.

We pursue chamois, ibex, caribou, moose, black bear and many more in different corners of the world.

Contact Albert today for clear communication and no surprises.

Hunting seasons are which time of the year you will find which species to hunt.
Some more information here about why hunting seasons are important to consider before choosing your next hunting experience.


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  • We will take care of every detail of your trip to make your adventure an experience of a lifetime.
  • We are committed to meeting the needs and desires of our clients.
  • We only work with partners with high standards in game management and also leave a small footprint.
  • We work with guests to build a personalized hunting package.
  • We believe that ethical hunting is a sustainable way of protecting and preserving and our ecosystems for the generations to come.


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Species Hunted
Red Stag
Roe Buck
Alpine Ibex
Wild Boar
Canadian Moose
Black Bear
Anatolian Bezoar Ibex
Siberian Moose
Central-Asian Ibex
Gobi Ibex
Gobi Argali
Moufflon Ram