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North America

Big burns in big country in British Columbia mean big bears. And lots of them. I endorse Itcha Mountain Outfitters and they'll put you right in the heart of this. Stewart Fraser and his team are on their 2nd Generation of guiding in British Columbia. Itcha Mountain Outfitters has over 50 years in business  and over 3000 square miles of hunting area. In addition to being a CBEO, they're endorsed by many organizations.

They do things the old fashioned when putting together a hunting trip. You can expect canvas wall tents or cabins and guides that have made their living on horseback and houndsmen that have a family of hunting hounds. These guides take guiding personally and know it is the chase that matters as much as the trophy at the end. They employ local guides. These guides have been part of the family and know the area well.

The team at Itcha Mountain Outfitters believes hunting is a privilege. They respect nature and the abundance of the wild. They also believe in treating others as they hope to be treated. Part of their philosophy is respecting their hunters enough not to BS them. The old saying, "You come as clients and leave as Friends and Family" bears out with a hight percentage of repeat clientele."

Itcha Mountain Outfitters delivers quality products. True Canadian moose in the 50 inch range aren't uncommon with 100% opportunity year after year. The only place you can hunt the most beautiful of all the North American Cats, the Canadian lynx, is British Columbia. For nearly 15 years, they've provided very close to 100% opportunity on lynx. "HUGE" is the only word that describes the trophy quality on their black bears with better than 100% opportunity rate for over 25 years. We're talking seven foot bears with extra big skulls. Record book lion can always be found in their area regularly reaching 160 to 200 pounds.

For your British Columbia hunt of a lifetime, Itcha Mountain Outfitters is a great choice.

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