Coues deer

Coues deer are small deer native to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. They are known for their distinctive white rump and tail, as well as their agility and speed. Coues deer are primarily grazers and are most active during dawn and dusk.

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Coues deer

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If you're looking for a challenging and exciting hunting experience, coues deer hunts are a must-try! Our outfitters offer top-notch coues deer hunts in some of the best hunting areas in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. With expert guidance and the right equipment, you can have the adventure of a lifetime as you pursue these elusive and nimble deer. Click the button below to view our selection of coues deer hunting outfitters and start planning your next hunt today!

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Coues deer

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George Taulman’s U.S. Outfitters was the first to offer a computerized tag-drawing system. I threw my applications in with them when they started in the early 90s.

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