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George Taulman’s U.S. Outfitters was the first to offer a computerized tag-drawing system. I threw my applications in with them when they started in the early 90s. Since then they have drawn me three sheep tags, two Shiras moose tags, a goat tag, and several good elk and deer tag. I’ll be joining them in late November ‘15 for my third Arizona elk permit! You bet I believe in them! Except for a couple that I did “do it yourself” they have outfitted all the hunts for these tags, and the hunts have ranged from excellent to perfect. Their operations are far-flung, including almost all Western big game, and I have been consistently amazed by how consistently well-organized they are!

1. **Private Lodge Accommodation:**

The outfitter offers a private lodge for hunters during their stay. This provides a comfortable and convenient base for the hunting experience.

2. **Guided Hunts:**

All hunts are guided by experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the local terrain, wildlife behavior, and hunting techniques. Guides work to ensure a successful and safe hunting experience.

3. **Food Services:**

The outfitter provides food services for the duration of the hunt. Hunters can enjoy meals prepared on-site, allowing them to focus on the hunting experience without worrying about food arrangements.

4. **Ranch Hunts:**

The outfitter offers ranch hunts, which come with guaranteed tags. These hunts are scheduled for specific times and locations, with permits set aside for each hunter. While these hunts may be more expensive due to private land access fees, they provide the advantage of advanced planning and guaranteed licenses.

5. **Public Land Draw Hunts:**

For those looking for a great value, the outfitter offers public land draw hunts. These hunts are generally more affordable as they don't involve landowner costs. The outfitter applies for hunters to various states and species, increasing the chances of getting drawn for a hunt.

6. **Tag Application Assistance:**

The outfitter emphasizes the importance of applying for multiple tag applications to increase the likelihood of getting drawn. They offer assistance in applying for tags and even front most tag fees for selected hunts.

7. **Variety of Species:**

The outfitter caters to hunters interested in various species, ensuring a diverse hunting experience. Whether hunters are interested in deer, elk, antelope, or other game, the outfitter can help facilitate those hunts.

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Hunting seasons are which time of the year you will find which species to hunt.
Some more information here about why hunting seasons are important to consider before choosing your next hunting experience.


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1. **Wide Range of Species:**

We offer draw hunts for a variety of game species including elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope, Shiras moose, desert sheep, rocky mountain bighorn sheep, dall sheep, mountain goat, Coues deer, mountain lion, Oryx, and ibex.

2. **Lottery-Based Permit System:**

Our draw hunts take place in states where we have successfully obtained permits through lottery applications. These permits allow you to hunt in high-quality areas known for their success rates.

3. **Cost-Effective Option:**

Draw hunts are more affordable than private land hunts, as they don't include landowner access fees or management costs. This ensures that you get a fantastic hunting experience at a reasonable price.

4. **Group Consistency:**

Typically, states limit applications to groups of four hunters. If one member of your group is drawn, the entire party can hunt together, maintaining the camaraderie of your hunting party.

5. **Unparalleled Value and Quality:**

We take pride in offering draw hunts that provide exceptional value and top-tier quality. These hunts are focused solely on guiding and outfitting services, ensuring you get the best experience for your investment.

6. **Tag Application Strategy:**

To maximize your chances of drawing a tag, we recommend utilizing our Professional Licensing Service to apply for multiple tags across different states and species. This strategic approach dramatically increases your likelihood of securing a high-quality hunt.

7. **Accommodation Variety:**

Depending on the specific draw area, you can expect accommodations such as cabins, deluxe tent camps, travel trailers, or motel/hotel/rental homes. Your lodging will be tailored to the region you're hunting in.

8. **Licensing Hunt Integration:**

Even if you're already booked for a private land hunt, it's wise to apply for licensing hunts as well. We can match your time frame and provide options with equal or superior animal quality. If you're drawn for a licensing hunt, we'll seamlessly transfer your deposit and offer you the more affordable option.

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