Desert sheep

Desert sheep are wild sheep native to arid regions of North America and northern Africa. They are known for their adaptability to harsh environments, large horns, and tendency to live in rocky terrain. Desert sheep feed on a variety of vegetation and are highly sought after by hunters for their size and beauty.

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Desert sheep

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If you're looking for a unique and challenging hunting experience, desert sheep hunts are a must-try. Our outfitters offer top-notch desert sheep hunts in some of the best hunting areas in arid regions of North America and northern Africa. With expert guidance and the right equipment, you can have the adventure of a lifetime as you pursue these magnificent wild sheep. Click the button below to view our selection of desert sheep hunting outfitters and start planning your next hunt today!

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Desert sheep

Capra Adventures

You will hunt on the roof of Europe in the midst of the most popular and famous mountains of Switzerland up to 15,091 feet (4,600 meters) above sea level. The pictures of your hunting trip will be magnificent.

Desert Sheep, Buffalo, Red Deer, European Beaver, Roe Deer, Dall sheep, and more.
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United States Outfitters

George Taulman’s U.S. Outfitters was the first to offer a computerized tag-drawing system. I threw my applications in with them when they started in the early 90s.

Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Antelope, Moose and many more.
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