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For those looking to hunt in Chad, our website offers the best outfitters with access to the finest hunting grounds. Whether you're searching for the thrill of the chase in the dense forests or a peaceful hunt in the savannas, we'll match you with the perfect outfitter for your dream hunting adventure. Click the button below to start your search for the perfect hunt in Chad.

Chad is known for its diverse wildlife, including elephants, lions, and leopards. Hunting in Chad is highly regulated, with specific hunting seasons and limited quotas in place to ensure sustainability. The country offers a variety of landscapes, from the dense forests to the savannas, providing a unique and diverse hunting experience.

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For more than two decades, African Echo Safaris grew into a successful and internationally recognised hunting safari covering most of Southern, Eastern and Western Africa.

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Baboon, Duiker, Eland, Antelope, Deer, Jackal, Grysbuck, Gemsbuck, Hartebeest, Kudu, Lechwe, Nyala, Oryx and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What species are popular for hunting in Chad?

Chad offers unique hunting opportunities for African game like Central African savanna buffalo, Western kob, hartebeest, and Nile crocodile.

2. When is the hunting season in Chad?

The hunting season varies depending on the species, but it generally falls between December and April.

3. What type of terrain can I expect in Chad?

The terrain varies widely, from arid deserts in the north to savannas and wetlands in the south.

4. Are there specific licenses or permits needed to hunt in Chad?

Yes, Chad requires hunting licenses, and often specific permits for certain species. Regulations can change, so it's essential to consult with your outfitter and local authorities.

5. How does Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitters assist with arranging a hunt in Chad?

We offer recommendations for trustworthy and experienced outfitters in Chad, helping you navigate the complexities of planning a successful hunting trip in this unique location.

6. Is hunting in Chad ethical and sustainable?

Outfitters adhere to ethical and sustainable hunting practices, contributing to conservation efforts and local economies.

7. What kind of hunting methods are commonly used in Chad?

Methods vary by species and may include spot-and-stalk, tracking, or hunting from blinds near water sources.

8. What are the essential gear items for hunting in Chad?

Lightweight, durable, and breathable clothing is recommended, along with a quality pair of boots, sun protection, and a suitable rifle for the species you're hunting.

9. What should I know about travel logistics when hunting in Chad?

Travel to Chad can be complex due to visa requirements and other logistical factors. It's advisable to coordinate closely with your outfitter and perhaps a travel agent familiar with the region.

10. I'm interested in a guided hunt for Central African avanna buffalo in Chad. Can Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitters recommend an outfitter experienced in this type of hunt?

Absolutely! We can connect you with some of the most reputable outfitters in Chad who specialize in Central African savanna buffalo hunts, ensuring you have a memorable and successful experience.