"I think what sets us apart is the fact that I feel any outfitter can find you good animals, but the memories of a lifetime comes from making every Safari fun for all our clients." J.P Kleinhans

JP is an outfitter with heart. He's also a really fun PH. Beyond that he's smart and I always enjoy a good chat with him around the fire. He was raised in it and it shows. His father was a PH who lost his life at 48 to lions. Until then, as his website states with JP's deadpan humor: "Much to my mother's disapproval, my dad would take us 3 boys on 6 to 8 week Safaris during the 3 week June school holiday."I hope you, like JP and his father, choose to create a memorable life for and with those you love.


1. **Base Camp Accommodation:**

- Location: Located a short one-hour drive north of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

- Lodges: Two family properties managed for hunting, nestled within the picturesque Cape mountains.

- Private Rooms: Classic Africana décor private rooms with their own bathrooms and showers.

- Comfort and Style: "Comfort in style" is the motto, providing a comfortable and stylish living experience.

- Meals: Customized meals served three times daily, featuring a variety of traditional dishes, often prepared using game bagged during the safari.

- Accessibility: Fly into and clear customs in either Johannesburg or Cape Town before reaching the base camp.

2. **First-Class Experience:**

- Daily Laundry Service: Convenient daily laundry service for the comfort of guests.

- Attentive Camp Staff: Professional and attentive staff catering to guests' needs.

- Sleeping Arrangements: First-class sleeping arrangements ensuring a good night's rest.

- Scenic Camps: Utilization of comfortable and scenic camps across the country.

- Overnight Stays: Possibility of overnight stays at hunting destinations when necessary.

- Hot Meals: After a day of hunting, a hot meal and comfortable camp await at the end of the day.


1. **Four Spacious Rooms:**

Each room is designed for unique comfort, offering a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

2. **Open Plan Kitchen and Living Area:**

Guests can enjoy the sound of the waves while sitting by the fire in the open plan kitchen and living area. This area is perfect for socializing and unwinding.

3. **Front Porch:**

Guests can step out onto the front porch to enjoy the stunning view of the rocky coastline and the magic of the ocean.

4. **Warm Jacuzzi:**

The lodge features a warm jacuzzi on the front porch, allowing guests to unwind while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

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Hunting seasons are which time of the year you will find which species to hunt.
Some more information here about why hunting seasons are important to consider before choosing your next hunting experience.


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1. **World-Class Safaris:**

Our plains game Safaris offer an exceptional experience for both first-timers and seasoned African hunters. With superior service and record book quality game, our Safaris are tailored to meet your expectations.

2. **Family-Friendly:**

Families who enjoy hunting together are welcome. We've hosted numerous husband/wife, father/son, and father/daughter Safaris, fostering a family-friendly atmosphere.

3. **Experienced in South Africa:**

With hunting experience in all nine provinces of South Africa, J.P. Kleinhans Safaris is well-versed in the diverse hunting grounds the country has to offer.

4. **Diverse Locations:**

Unlike many outfitters, we operate lodges and hunting concessions across various provinces, providing you the chance to hunt over 30 species of big game in diverse habitats and locations.

5. **Rifle and Bow Hunting:**

We offer both rifle and bow hunting concessions. We guarantee that 80% of all trophies taken will make the SCI record books.

6. **Impressive Record:**

Over the past three Safari seasons, we've achieved an impressive 92% record book entry rate.

7. **Ideal Hunting Season:**

Our Safari hunts are recommended between March 1st and October 1st (South African autumn and winter) for the best experience.

8. **Inclusive Packages:**

Our tailored South African hunt packages include everything you need: trophy fees, hunting licenses, meals, lodging, and airport pick-up/return from Port Elizabeth to camp.

9. **Package Options:**

We offer various package options to suit your preferences and needs, each providing a unique hunting experience.

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