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The Best Hunt In Argentina

Argentina’s legendary high-volume bird shooting is the country’s biggest draw, with the big-game hunting a smaller subset. Did you know that Argentina is the world’s most popular hunting destination? Okay, maybe it’s not like key whitetail states like Pennsylvania or New York, where hundreds of...Read more

10 Questions To Ask Your Outfitter... Before You Book!

It drives me crazy. Outfitted hunts cost money, so the people who book them must have achieved some success at something. Yet, time and again, I see people making snap decisions regarding hunting that they would never make in business! It’s okay to ask the hard questions, but before you do make...Read more

Top 10 Mistakes Hunters Make In Africa

Ignoring your PH “PH” is short for “professiohal hunter”, You hired him. You did your research on hunting outfitters in Africa . He knows his area and his game…so take his advice! Unrealistic Expectations. You probably won’t take everything on your “wish list”—but you’ll probably take some extras,...Read more